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It is now an established fact that God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who gave us life on this miracle planet did the supreme fuck-up in giving homo sapiens an immune system to ward off all sorts of disease and ailments yet put an expiration date of 2020 on it. Who knew that such a blunder would transform, overnight, common dudes, dudesses or others into thumb-sucking morons, ready to assume the fetal position whenever a government dickhead said ‘boo’.

Quadruple-Vaxxed Joe Biden Wants You to Wear a Mask When You’re Inside – via

Take it away, Joey…

Sadly, I still see folks wearing their face diaper, and damn defiantly and proudly. Most especially comical is seeing the unwashed wear them at the local health food store.  One would think that those shopping at a health food store would understand, or at least be inquisitive enough to check out some of the really stellar ‘benefits’ of wearing their rag over their breathing mechanisms.  

Like what, shitposting writer?

How about these:

In March 2021, the Hayride reported on the results of a mask study posted on June 10, 2020, at the CDC website.

The study confirms our earlier reporting that masks aren’t just a nuisance but can cause serious health problems. The article recently uncovered was published by the CDC and it states in black and white the side-effects of wearing a mask, specifically related to the masks trapping carbon dioxide or CO2.  The article states the masks cause breathing resistance that could result in a reduction in the frequency and depth of breathing, known as hypoventilation, in as little as an hour of wearing a mask.  The article further went on to elaborate on the side-effects of increased CO2 concentrations in the mask wearer that include:

  1. Headache;
  2. Increased pressure inside the skull;
  3. Nervous system changes (e.g., increased pain threshold, reduction in cognition – altered judgement, decreased situational awareness, difficulty coordinating sensory or cognitive, abilities and motor activity, decreased visual acuity, widespread activation of the sympathetic nervous system that can oppose the direct effects of CO2 on the heart and blood vessels);
  4. Increased breathing frequency;
  5. Increased “work of breathing”, which is result of breathing through a filter medium;
  6. Cardiovascular effects (e.g., diminished cardiac contractility, vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels);
  7. Reduced tolerance to lighter workloads.

The Hayride reports:

The Hayride has covered this in the past specifically regarding the cognitive loss caused by COVID masks trapping CO2 where according to a Harvard Study breathing in as little as 945 PPM of CO2 lowers cognitive ability 15% and at 1400 PPM of CO2 cognitive ability reduces by 50%… What is also disturbing is not only the brain damage that is caused by the masks, but the adverse cardiovascular effects on the heart and lungs along with the reduction of blood sugar and dehydration.

We also discovered that the report from our article yesterday was censored by Twitter last week when former Trump campaign staffer, Steve Cortes, tweeted out the results of this study. –

Oh dear!

But wait!  It’s Bonus Thursday…there’s more:

  • A study of 53 surgeons, published in the journal Neurocirugia concluded that ‘exhaled carbon dioxide may be trapped inside face masks, inducing a decrease in blood oxygenation’. Numerous other studies have confirmed this. An N95 mask can reduce blood oxygenation by as much as 20% and this can lead to a loss of consciousness.
  • The following quote is taken from the New England Journal of Medicine: ‘In many cases the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic’.
  • The proceedings of the VIIth International Pneumoconioses Conference included details of three cases of pulmonary fibrosis thought to be due to exposure to synthetic textile fibres. A later scientific paper discovered that ‘loose particulate was seen on each type of masks’. Inhaled fibres can lead to asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and other lung diseases.
  • In 2015, a paper in the British Medical Journal concluded that ‘the results caution against the use of cloth masks’. The study showed that ‘moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. The authors added that ‘cloth masks should not be recommended for health care workers, particularly in high risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.’
  • Viruses may accumulate in the fabric of a mask – thereby increasing the amount of the virus being inhaled.
  • A paper entitled ‘Postoperative wound infections and surgical face masks: a controlled study’ was published in World Journal Surgery in 1991. After a study of 3,088 surgeries, the author reported that the use of masks in surgery was found to slightly increase the incidence of infection over not masking. The surgeons’ masks were found to give no protection to the patients.
  • Putting a mask on a baby is dangerous and may increase the risk of suffocation. Masks put on older children will lead to serious long-term psychological problems. Children are especially vulnerable to the brain damage which will result from hypoxia caused by mask wearing.
  • Masks are known to cause facial rashes, fungal infections and bacterial infections. Doctors around the world have reported a link between mask wearing and bacterial pneumonia.
  • A paper published in ‘Ophthalmology and Therapy’ warned of an increase in dry eye syndrome among mask wearers. Mask wearing also causes oral and dental problems.
  • Reduced oxygen levels, caused by mask wearing, will lead to an increase in cancer and an increase in metastases in cancer patients who are in remission. – Dr. Vernon Coleman via

It doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  You can tell friends, loved ones, relatives, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, lovers, past part-time sex partners and all others in your social circle, whatever in the hell that is, of these ‘benefits’ and you’re likely to hear pearls of brilliance like this:

“I don’t care…I’m doing it anyway.”

Maybe there’s another way to reach the brain dead.  When I was in elementary school hundreds of years ago, we’d be handed sheets of paper and told to see if we could ‘connect the dots’ and reveal the hidden image.  I wonder if that would work now?

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Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach – Concerto in A minor BWV 1065 | Netherlands Bach Society


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