The Dumpster Fire Continues

The unwashed don’t need a moment to talk about the pinhead-in-chief, for he is an eternal moment, someone who exists to stumble from one gaffe to another, one foot implanted in his arse, the other in his mouth, and one eye spinning clockwise, with the other spinning counter-clockwise. He is the asshole who keeps on giving.

Biden calls for regime change in Russia, gibbering “For god’s sake this man can not remain in power!”

Way to go, Joey!  Go ahead, light that match to get WWIII stomping in earnest at the dance hall.

And if you’re still not sure that this charade, this vaudeville isn’t some sort of experimental insanity foisted upon the innocents by non-human pyschofuck’s…behold!

Actor Sean Penn says that he will publicly smelt his Oscar award if the Academy does not let Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speak.

In an interview with CNN, Penn demanded that the Academy has an “obligation” to give the Ukrainian president a platform during their show. – via

Please Sean….do it!

But not to worry, the Oscar nominees are well taken care of, with or without Mr. Penn’s threats and with or without their ‘concern’ for Ukraine…

All 25 nominees from the top individual categories receive a six-figure gift bag with several luxury items – this year’s includes plots of land in Scotland, Art-Lipo body enhancements, Celebrity Arms Sculpting procedures, and a stay at Turin Castle – via

Meanwhile…in the reality that too many are facing:

The blood of Covid-vaccinated people has a strange artifact…mine included!

I met with a doctor who claims that the blood of every Covid vaccinated person all share an artifact that he’s never seen before.  The question is: what is that artifact? – by Steve Kirsch – via

The dumpster fire continues…




Tonight’s musical offering:

Benny Golson – ‘Killer Joe’


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