They Have a Plan

The misery and failure that has been produced by the jackal’s in this factory of bummage is a clue to the gods that their shitfuckery might just be overextended a bit. So, the gods of dismay and destruction had a pow-wow and decided that since the majority of the unwashed are still listening, and that the fuckery is at peak form, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg256px-Alfred_E._Neumann promoted electric cars on Monday as a solution to Americans struggling from high gas prices. – via 

Only the gods could take an Alfred E. Neuman twin and put him in as Transportation Secretary.

“In our economy, transportation is the single biggest contributor to climate change,” he said disapprovingly.

“One of our best tools for doing that is public transit; transit gets riders for where they need to be efficiently and affordably with far less pollution from driving,” he said, asserting that electric buses “don’t pollute at all.”

Really?  Yes, the gods reach into their bag of excrement and, Abra Kadabra, electricity just appears. No pollution from the production of electricity, because this is what a balloon head envisions.

With an average cost of $56K for an EV, and admitting Americans are struggling from high gas prices, can this nutjob deduce that if Americans are struggling with $4 a gallon gas prices, they can’t fucking afford a $56K electric toy?  Not a chance.

Meanwhile, it the real world outside the demented heads in D.C., they’re not just concerned about feeding their cars, they also have a thing about feeding themselves.

The Model on War and Food Shortages – via

During a war, food production collapses because tanks have a tendency to plow down crops. Here is a food ratio book from World War II in the United States where tanks were not plowing down fields. So even during WWII, there were Ration Stamp Books issued by the United States government for citizens to purchase goods. Even Britain issued a ratio book, for in both cases, they needed to supply food to Europe which could not grow food. This is what will develop with Ukraine and Russia, combined with Ukraine you are looking at 30% of world grain production. Most of their exports go to Africa and Southeast Asia. (read the full article here)

But I’m sure the psychofucks have a plan.  Just like they had a plan to thwart a virus that has a 99% recovery rate if even infected.  And their clot shot of chemical goo has worked out well.

65,615 Death Now Reported in Europe and the USA Following Covid-19 Vaccines – Corporate Media Refuses to Publish This Data – via

These dickheads…



Tonight’s musical offering:

Tchaikovsky – Symphony 2, Op 17 (3rd Movement) -The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


  1. let the hunger games begin! courtesy of government goons everywhere! all around the world. Goose Stepping their way to total enslavement of the masses. Totalitarianism doesn’t begin to describe it. The electric cars are not for those who rule. They are not for politicians. Mayors and governors. They are for the peasants.

    They use up a huge amount of electricity and isn’t free! The peasant pays it. The charging stations take at least 30 minutes per vehicle to charge. Some EV chargers take 7 hours! How many vehicles are on the road? Sit in line slave and wait your turn. More then half the charging stations now are broken down. if you can find one that works at all in the area you live in. Think about all the cars on the road right now sitting in line waiting to charge their vehicles. most probably won’t make it to the station to recharge. They will run out sitting in line!

    The chargers for the home take 48 hours to charge a vehicle to full! you can only drive your car once every other day!

    The battery packs cost anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 to replace depending on the vehicle of course. i have family that work on cars for a living and the place they work at sells those cars. The chargers sold to people break down and have to be replaced 1000.00 or or for parts and have to have an expert to install them. not done for free! Someone capable of high voltage repair.

    This is yet another way to get people out of their vehicles permanently and locked into their ”Districts”.
    as they say in the Hunger Games that are coming to a town near you very quickly….”may the odds ever be in your favor”!

    The ruling class won’t be driving electric cars. They won’t be flying commercial either. Private jets full of jet fuel. Your flintstone pedal car won’t keep up with their gas powered SUV. Those black suburbans they are so fond of and their limos won’t be pedal cars!

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  2. one more thing. the charging stations operate on credit cards only. They are a pay at the pump! you pay by the electricity used to recharge your flintstone mobile. Electricity in the home costs money as does charging the vehicle. it doesn’t matter if it is less then fuel. You won’t be going anywhere! the days of road trips through the country roads would be over! you are allowed to travel ONLY where you can recharge your pedal car! The stations are near big cities and highways. NONE! NONE! NONE! on the back road or the less traveled routes! you will stay with the herd of electric car drivers and cannot escape! Doesn’t sound beneficial to me!

    no more sunday drives in the back woods or country roads. they couldn’t recharge their box and couldn’t make it there and back with their shit box of a car. What happens when you have a draw on the system? play radio, music, air conditioning and it draws too much electric? sucks to be you! stuck on the road. Sounds like heaven does it not?

    Yet another layer of Dante’s hell!

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  3. Buttgag and his fake, rubber nursing boobs…what a freak.

    All those EV drivers…they are spending a lot of time sitting on top of those batteries. Read about some of them getting cancer? And, then there is the charging stations. What do they use? They either have to be connected to the grid for power (can you say nuclear power plants) or they have to run on diesel. Boggles a thinking mind…

    Then, there are the Teslas…they run into things, blow up and burn for four days. Yeah. I want one of those…NOT!

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