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As the insane seem determined to accelerate our trip to meet God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this wonder turned shithole by freaks, probably better to take a dive into reading the words from writers far smarter and well-versed than this shitposting writer, and a universe better than the comments one might read on social media sites and websites where the remarkably stupid and ignorant take to their keyboards to boldly proclaim their idiocy:

So, Are Putin and the Russians as as Good as These Guys…You Decide – by L. Reichard White


U.S. Effectively Declares World War III Starting with Russia – by Martin Armstrong


I’m Not ‘Brave’; You’re Just a P***y – by Dr. Naomi Wolf


All Hell Breaks Loose On Russian Oil Embargo Fears: Futures, Stocks Plunge As Oil Soars To $139, Gold Hits $2,000 – ZeroHedge.com

“I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.” ― John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces


Tonight’s musical offering:

Vivaldi: Concerto in D Minor for two violins & cello RV 565 – Voices of Music


  1. perfect way to cover up for loss of life from injections is it not? I red a b.s. article that putin is preparing mass graves for high numbers of war casualties!…oh my god…save the world!!

    Another article from the paid liars in the usa media says 6 million americans died of covid…yeah…6 million medically murdered americans! probably more then that. multiply times 10 and we will be closer to the truth. where do you put 60 million bodies? or 6 million? cremate them?. liquefy them or blow them up with bombs? faking a war that doesn’t exist?

    War is perfect cover for the mass murder of all the citizens of the world in every country. Each and every country of the world is participating and i would bet soon they will all be part of WORLD WAR 3….yes…excellent way to get rid of broken down slums in a country. fill it with corpses and then say….”oh. so tragic…look what they are doing to their citizens…we need to drop bombs on them!!..”’…only if a person could see the label on the bombs exploding in the ukraine they would say ”courtesy of Ukraine and its government” it probably says ”made in china” somewhere on it as well.

    if ever america or england or france or any other country gets ”bombed” it will be their government that did to them!! it won’t be a foreign interest. no. It will be their own governments covering up crimes against humanity and the world…Crimes they agreed to play a part in…a cover to justify huge numbers of dead bodies.

    War is the health of the State. And a perfect cover up for mass murder! Kill the people via injection and then burn out the area with directed energy weapons from satellite and/or drop bombs on it. Show burned and dead corpses and say it was the other country that did it!! Meanwhile they are all high fiving each other showing how easy it was to deceive their populations while siping drinks on a new pedo island in the pacific.

    The governments of the world. Each and everyone are in bed together. They are the one world order. They do not oppose each other. They follow the same leader. the same play book. The same script. They are buddies. They are allies with each other and each one agrees to enslave and murder their own people. They do it willingly. They are not at war with each other. They are at war will the rest of the people on the planet including the planet itself!

    All of this campaign of covid. The campaign of ukraine, russian, iraq, iran, you name it. Every episode is created in Hollywood studios for the people left alive in the world to swill down like swine at a trough! Wag the Dog is their playbook and they haven’t missed a beat of the drum! Its a boys club and we are not invited as George Carlin once said.

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