The Terrible is Now the Routine

In a place where the terrible is routine, and assclowns of humans rule the airwaves, it’s comforting to understand that we weren’t really created for this shitshow.

No, I’m not going to get all ‘religious’ or other-worldly here, only an observation from an old guy with half a leg in the coffin and who has seen so much fuckery during my life, turned shitfuckery in the past 2 years that thinking this divine landscape was created for fuck-up homo sapiens is a quantum leap that equals thinking that anyone who puts words on paper or screen, is Shakespeare.

The divine landscape may have been given to all creatures, human and not, initially, but look what has transpired since the dawn of it all.

Homo sapiens have now advanced to the state where they willingly, and for the most part, happily, buy into whatever trough of horseshit that modern day dipshits and psychofucks offer up each day.

Via the Drudge Report: (hey Drudge, pull up your pants and quit sucking your thumb in the corner)

MORE Rules for Travelers...
DALLAS COWBOYS Ravaged By Alarming Outbreak...
3 NFL Players Suspended for Fake Cards...
Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline...
Did collision with HIV forge variant? Warning sign on tongue...
DELTA STILL SWIRLING... Philly Hospitals Near Capacity...
Move to create global 'pandemic treaty'...

…and Jesus wept! This is the shit we follow….and more sadly, believe?

But back to what we are here for, or what we were created for….depending on your beliefs.

Is this it? This shyte from malformed and degenerate slobs of humans is the gold standard?

This shitposting writer offers up, almost every agonizing night… links, references, studies that go against the bullshit, that these motherfuckers and demons advance.

So few could give a shit.

Go back now. Re-read Drudge’s headlines.  Is this the diarrhea you want to associate with?

Yet, there is reality beyond these fantastical headlines:

Inflation Causing Hardship for 45% of U.S. Households – via

Geez…who would have thought that these psychofucks lockdowns and mandates could have created anything but hardship.

But not to worry.  Things are brewing, not just here in the States, but where apartheids were perfected:

Germany announces de facto lockdown for unvaccinated and considers compulsory jabs – via

Thank God, you might think, given the programming from these monsters.  Wasn’t this brand of insanity tried before?

Yes….it was. How soon has it been forgotten.

But what if the next stage of forced medical procedures from these demons is for the overweight, the obese, the webbed-foot, the diabetic, the aged, the drug-addicted, the alcoholic, the sex-addicted, the melancholy, the mentally ill, the soulful, the depressed, the hungry, the outcast – will you then be cheering their shit?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gloucester Cathedral Choir – ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’

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