You Will Be…Absorbed

Good news, boys and girls and all others – Jill Biden, wife of President Shits-His-Pants, is out on the trail, promoting the injection of chemical goo into the arms of the truly innocent – the children.

Thank God! For as we all know, there are no other problems in America other than jabbing the bejesus out of children with corporate chemical fuckery.

US inflation crisis deepens as wholesale prices soar – via

US wholesale prices continued to balloon at the fastest rate on record in October, portending further pressure on household budgets as rising costs ripple through the world’s largest economy.

The producer price index (PPI) last month climbed 8.6% from a year earlier as energy costs jumped, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Tuesday. Excluding food, energy and trade, the index climbed 6.2% on year.

Whew!  We thought there was something really amiss here.

Screw it that families are struggling to put food on the table due to this administrations inability to do anything other than mandate helter-skelter upon the American public.

What’s most important to this vaudeville camp of assclowns is extending their shitfuckery of poisonous vials of shyte from adults…to the children, and no matter the jobs that are lost – the firings of health care workers, teachers and emergency responders that have ensued from these motherfuckers bullshit mandates – these demons’ laser focus is more on profits for big pharma, no matter how many lives of the innocents must be annihilated to attain their goal.

MCLEAN, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) — First Lady Jill Biden is traveling the country to encourage Americans to vaccinate their children against COVID-19, starting her initiative Monday at Virginia’s Franklin Sherman Elementary School, where the first polio vaccine was administered in 1954.

“The vaccine is the best way to protect your children against COVID-19. It’s been thoroughly reviewed and rigorously tested, it’s safe, it’s free, and it’s available for every child in this country, 5 and up,” Mrs. Biden said, ABC News reports. “From the day you held your sweet, fragile, little baby, you have made the choice, again and again, to keep your child safe. Giving your child the COVID-19 vaccine is your choice too. So, make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives.”

‘the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives’ – bullshit.  Site the studies…site the data – you deranged imbecile.

These morons spout out their lies, and it’s never challenged.

Joining the First Lady on stage was a sixth grader named Everett Munson, who said he was “excited to be vaccinated because now I’ll be able to visit my cousins and grandfather,” and go “places without worrying that I could get COVID and give it to my family, friends or teachers.” The boy also suggested an incentive: “Everyone should get ice cream after their shots.”

Who ‘prohibited’ this innocent from being able to visit his cousins and grandfather? Government psychofucks.  Who propagandized this sixth grade innocent that if he got Covid, he could give it his family, friend or teachers? Government psychofucks.

With regard to COVID and children, data shows they are at little-to-no risk from the virus itself, while even experts otherwise friendly to the new shots — as acknowledged in July by the left-leaning publication Wired — argue that the potential for vaccine-related myocarditis among young males undermines the public health establishment’s persistent refrain that “the benefits of [COVID-19] vaccination far outweigh any harm.”

…This summer, a team of researchers with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine “analyze[d] approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020,” and found a “mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” The lead researcher, Dr. Marty Makary, accused the CDC of basing its advocacy of school COVID vaccination on “flimsy data.”

Fuck that!

The Scamdemic must live on…no matter how many of our children and loved ones must be sacrificed

Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems

And the corporate media calls this a “mystery.”

How many people ever heard of the word “myocarditis” prior to the COVID shots?

But don’t blame it on the vaccines. That would be politically incorrect.

Kids Will Be Traumatized for Decades by COVID Policies, Child Psychiatrist Says – via

Deep breath…

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: THE ONLY PROOF HE NEEDED FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD WAS MUSIC”― Kurt Vonnegut


Tonight’s musical offering:

(And so, yes it’s early, but who should care, as music, most especially at this time of the year, is all that might keep us sane)

King’s College – Cambridge 2010 – ‘Once in Royal David’s City’

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