It’s No longer Science…It’s ‘Simon Says’

In tonight’s episode of…’get me the fuck off this planet’, we have religious nutjobs and everyday lunatics dictating their ‘science’ that their flocks must follow.

First, let’s go to the dope of a pope, and check in with his deranged fantasies uttered to a ‘live’ audience before slurping up tapioca pudding before being tucked into his palatial bed for the night:

In his Spanish-language message, the pontiff prayed that the “Creator God would infuse in our hearts a new, generous spirit to abandon our individualisms and promote the common good.” – via

And what is that common good we should embrace? Naw, it’s not a pop-quiz, for the answer is too easy.  It’s the jab, baby.  Get the poke. Shoot the shit into your arms. Cast into Gehenna your individualism and get with the collective insanity.  You’ll be able to virtue signal the bejesus out of your obedience to the collective, that is, up until those possible side effects from the vials of chemical goo will completely annihilate your ‘individualism’.

“I beg you not to forget the most vulnerable,” he said.

Sunday’s concert was hosted by Selena Gomez and Prince Harry and featured messages from President and Mrs. Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as live support from Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, and others.

Ah yes…the most vulnerable that these arseholes are always lamenting about. Yet the dawn of thought seems to have not yet occurred among the unwashed, given their inability to understand the obvious, that with just a portion of their collective wealth, the shysters could end the vulnerabilities of the poorest they swoon on about.

NO!  Get the jab, the poke, the shot of shit so that these fuckers can go onto the next venue of outhouse shit, with the same tired and BS message, with hefty profits for the pharma pimps.

And there’s more ‘scientists’, who don’t necessarily have the juice of the dope of a pope or Hollywood morons, but still have a platform to proclaim their ‘science’ to those under their ‘rule’.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Bans Dancing at Indoor, Outdoor Weddings – via

Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington, DC, announced at a press conference Monday that dancing at weddings — both indoor and outdoor celebrations — is now banned as part of the capital city’s strategy to reduce coronavirus transmission.

Bowser, whose Twitter profile depicts her wearing a mask, said, “Standing and dancing at receptions are not allowed.”

Beautiful!  Science illustrated perfectly.

And then there are lessors. The airline brown shirts who can’t wait to impose their version of ‘science’ upon folks who are just paying to get from here to there on a fucking plane.

Baltimore County Man Says He Was Kicked Off Southwest Flight for Not Wearing Mask While Eating Twizzlers – via

A Baltimore County man said he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for not wearing a mask while eating Twizzlers and wants to share his story in the hopes things will change.

Avi Mandel said he was a frequent Southwest flyer until his flight Sunday out of Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport.

He showed WJZ a selfie video he made during the flight, in which he said, “I, Avi Mandel, just got kicked off a plane because I wasn’t wearing my mask in between bites while I was eating.”

Pure, unadulterated science in play here….yeah?

Thank God we have these earthly worms to instruct the masses of how they should behave and live.

Whether elite arseholes, secondary dickheads, or local buffoonery issued by con-artists from their stench-filled assholes – it is not science, it is not even common sense…your lives and the lives of your loved ones are being extinguished with not only their promotion of a toxic sleeve of chemical fuckery, but also a demon-like insistence that you take it.  And sadly, for the most of the unwashed…it’s A-okay.

And Jesus wept!

Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities. – Voltaire


Tonight’s musical offering:

(This shitposting writer, age 65, is thankful he is on his way out, yet deeply mourns what is to come for those behind him. And what so few can see or understand, is the absolute depravity and insanity from these motherfuckers are NOW, at their doorstep)

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, 4th movement | conducted by Paavo Järvi


  1. The first of many deaths coming to a family near you. My aunt died 3 weeks after the jab. she was sick from the first hour to the last. her last 3 weeks on earth were hell. We tried our best to warn her but she would not hear it. Too afraid to die of covid…instead she did die of the poison injected into her veins. The covid was a mind control brain washing campaign. It didn’t exist. They took the common cold/flu and labeled it. NOW it is a problem….worked perfect. fear campaign that drove tens of millions to their deaths. Slow and painful.

    Each and every family will know it soon enough. Family and loved ones dying from the jab and then told it was all in their head…Or a pre-existing condition. It couldn’t be the poison pill they allowed to be injected into themselves.…it is ‘safe’ according to the paid actors and liars. the reality is somewhat different.

    look for it to come to a family near you! I suspect no one will be exempt from the damage this brain washing is causing.
    it looks to be one long drawn out funeral. I expect many more of my family members to pass on due to the jim jones injections.

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