‘Experts’ agree: It’s an Oddity

Like all things that are rare or odd, there’s usually an accompanying element of ‘who would have thought of that?’  Well, the cement heads and rat brains running humanity into the drink, who take in very nice salaries and are suppose to be the ones doing the thinking of what mere mortals wouldn’t consider, well, they find oddities in everyday occurrences in the thousands.

Reports of menstrual cycle changes after Covid vaccine highlight issue with clinical trials – via abc7chicago.com

Gee whiz! One would have thought that the mensa’s who brought their vials of chemical goo to market in less than a year, would have considered such possibilities. But hey, we’ve got a fucking deadly virus out there, the cornholio, that has a 99% recovery rate if one is infected, so screw any long term testing, let’s just ramp up the fear porn to ensure Big Pharma’s profits continue to soar with an injection of battery acid into the arms of as many of the unwashed as possible.

No long term studies, and really, no short term studies. And truthfully, there’s no need for studies, for those getting the poke are the guinea pigs, and what happens to them in the coming months and years…those will be the ‘studies’.

SAN FRANCISCO — On Monday, our sister station KGO-TV reported that some women are noticing changes in their menstrual cycles after getting COVID-19 vaccines.

Since then, hundreds of people have commented on the report, and women continue to express concern about long and heavy periods and changes in cycle timing.

A hematologist in Southern California reached out to KGO with a possible explanation and advice.

“Inflammatory reaction has been noticed with the COVID vaccine. We know that because many, including myself after the second vaccine, developed some mild flu like symptoms,” said Dr. Akshat Jain, a hematologist at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

“It’s an easily fixable problem,” Dr. Jain said. “So while, as scientists figure out the exact mechanism, which might take months, I think these are two actionable items that just need to be said out loud.”

“There’s a long history of us not doing a great job at studying women in research studies because of some of this complexity,” said University of California San Francisco OBGYN, Dr. Heather Huddleston, who specializes in reproductive endocrinology.

Dr. Huddleston wishes the vaccine makers had collected data about menstrual cycles during the randomized trials.

“The train sort of left the station on that because we are now recommending the vaccine for everybody. So it will be very hard for us to generate a control group to answer this question,” she said.

When asked whether she thinks the vaccine is harmful to women who are experiencing these cycle changes and if it affect fertility, Dr. Huddleston said, “No. So what I would say is that just in the same way that some women and men have had a sore arm, after the vaccine, or maybe felt tired, maybe had even a low grade fever, these are all things that people experienced in a very short term way after the vaccine. And within a few days, people are back to normal.”

“That is a transient reaction to the vaccine,” she said. “And it’s a representation of your immune system being activated. If, and it’s still a big if. But if these menstrual cycle changes are also sort of linked into that upregulation of the immune system that we’re seeing, then I would view that in the same way I would view a sore arm. It’s a nuisance, it’s troubling in that moment, but it’s not a representation of something that’s going to continue. It’s not a representation of any sort of permanent harm or damage. There is no reason to think there’s reason to be concerned over time, and there’s no reason to think that there’s any impact on fertility.”

Dr. Huddleston says women should continue to get vaccinated.


That’s right….the jabs are like cotton candy.  It you experience a bit of a tummy ache after consuming the entire cone, hey…it’s just a nuisance. But make sure you go back and gorge down another cone of the sugary stickiness.

Researchers Looking Into Link Between Covid Vaccine and Menstruation – via nbcchicago.com

Thousands of women have reported changes to their monthly cycle after getting the Covid vaccine.

Oh no! In the article above, it was ‘some’ women, then ‘hundreds’…now its thousands of women reporting ‘oddities’.

Anne Thompson received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine April 12, on what should have been the last day of her period.

“I continued to have spotting the entire time. And now two weeks post getting the vaccine, I think it was three days ago, I started my period again,” Thompson said.

Her next period came a week a half early, prompting Thompson to wonder if the vaccine had somehow impacted her menstrual cycle.

It’s a question researcher Katherine Lee asked after her own experience.

”I had spotting when I normally don’t have any sort of menstrual symptoms, because I have the Mirena IUD,” said Lee, a postdoctoral research scholar in the Division of Public Health Sciences at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Lee reached out to Kate Clancy, an associate professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, who then tweeted about it.

“That tweet was sent February 24th, and I’m still getting, like, every minute an additional 20 notifications, that have some kind of engagement with that thread two months later,” Clancy said.

The overwhelming response prompted the researchers to create a survey, which they posted on social media. In all, 59,000 people have started the survey, describing varying experiences.

“If vaccine trials had bothered to ask about this, we would have already known about it, and then we could have included it in our list, right, sore arm fatigue, fever, possible changes to your menstrual cycle,” Clancy said.

The women hope their research can determine if there is a link, but they do not want to deter women from getting vaccinated.

“It certainly won’t stop me from getting the second dose. It’s just, at this point,  it’s an oddity to me,” Thompson said.

There you have it….’experts’ weigh in. Screw the side effects, if anything out of the ordinary happens to you who, with pride, take the poke – hey, it’s an oddity.

Sit down, shut up and do what the collective circus of the deranged and ignorant tell you to do.

For the following, won’t be covered or reported by the psychofucks in the corporate media, nor given a minute of review by government fuckbags:

GENOCIDE in the U.S. Continues: 3,848 DEAHTS, 118,902 Injuries Following Covid Injections – Children Now being Reported as Dying Also – via healthimpactnews.com

The mass murder of Americans through the experimental COVID injections continues, as the CDC is now reporting that 3,848 people have died and 118,902 adverse reactions have now been logged into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Many believe there is solid evidence that the CDC is holding back much of the data, and that the number of deaths and injuries reported is much higher (see below).

This is in addition to the fact that many deaths and injuries following the injections are not even reported, because the propaganda put out by the U.S. Government and reinforced through the pharma-funded corporate media, continues to claim that NONE of these deaths are linked to the COVID injections, and are just “coincidences.”

So those who foolishly believe this and later become sick, or see a loved one die, will not even consider the fact that the COVID injections may have caused this, and will not bother reporting it to the CDC.

To give some perspective to these recorded numbers, and show how criminally evil it is to claim that none of these deaths or injuries are caused by the injections, the total deaths now recorded following experimental COVID injections since December, 2020, is more than the recorded deaths following vaccines for the previous 15 and a half years (source) before the experimental COVID shots were unleashed against the public. (read more)

If one has even a passing knowledge of Germany, pre-WWII, and then all that led to the mass extermination of lives the Nazi’s deemed undesirables – if you think that history can’t repeat itself, you’re watching it repeat in live time.

“I once spoke to someone who had survived the genocide in Rwanda, and she said to me that there was now nobody left on the face of the earth, either friend or relative, who knew who she was. No one who remembered her girlhood and her early mischief and family lore; no sibling or boon companion who could tease her about that first romance; no lover or pal with whom to reminisce. All her birthdays, exam results, illnesses, friendships, kinships—gone. She went on living, but with a tabula rasa as her diary and calendar and notebook. I think of this every time I hear of the callow ambition to ‘make a new start’ or to be ‘born again’: Do those who talk this way truly wish for the slate to be wiped? Genocide means not just mass killing, to the level of extermination, but mass obliteration to the verge of extinction. You wish to have one more reflection on what it is to have been made the object of a ‘clean’ sweep? Try Vladimir Nabokov’s microcosmic miniature story ‘Signs and Symbols,’ which is about angst and misery in general but also succeeds in placing it in what might be termed a starkly individual perspective. The album of the distraught family contains a faded study of Aunt Rosa, a fussy, angular, wild-eyed old lady, who had lived in a tremulous world of bad news, bankruptcies, train accidents, cancerous growths—until the Germans put her to death, together with all the people she had worried about.” ― Christopher Hitchens, Hitch 22: A Memoir


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sir Colin Davis – Edward Elgar – Enigma Variations – Variation IX (Adagio) “Nimrod” 

(This performance begins very quietly – so, volume up for maximum sensory enjoyment)

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