Sunday – Masters

No matter your affiliation, no matter your religious or political beliefs.  No matter that you believe in the goo from corporate and government shysters – no matter that you shun family and dear friends who don’t or won’t bend the knee toward government insanity…no matter any of this shyte.

If you might watch and listen to the following musical and photo magic from Augusta National…Jesus Christ – We are all in this together…to make it better, to make it right for each and every one of us…yeah?

And as you watch these scenes from the nature the Gods have given us – Good Lord…our path to health is from the poke of a needle?


Photo by Allan Nygren on Unsplash


  1. I knew his health wasn’t good. I remember him mentioning a fall too. Still! I sooooooooo wish this wasn’t true. His passing is shocking. It’s shocking and it’s incredibly sad.

    I miss him. His tenacity, bravery and honesty. I will always miss him. He will always be part of me no matter how short of a period I knew him. And no matter I never actually met him.

    Hope you’re well.

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    1. Indeed….I miss Dave too. Wonderful man. It was quite sudden. I visited with him via email maybe two weeks before his passing, and I noticed he wasn’t posting anything for 3 or 4 days in a row, and I was about to reach out to him when I got an email from relatives saying he had passed. So, it was shocking and as you say, incredibly sad.


      1. …thank you so much, for sharing that Decker. ‘Wonderful man’ indeed. I so wish he stayed on this earth longer. I personally felt..’safer’! Could that be?! I guess..yes! I felt safer that Dave was ‘here’…Even though this is a virtual space. There was something, incredibly comforting, about Dave being around.
        Now, the lights in this virtual porch, feel dimmer than ever.
        I take comfort you’re here Decker. Please say hi to Henry for me. I absolutely adore him.

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      2. You said it all beautifully, Kat. There WAS something incredibly comforting with Dave being around. I’m sending along a link to the small tribute to Dave I wrote up back on March 6th. I send it along, because Dave played the saxophone on the musical selection. He had sent it along to me a few months back. It was when he was at Ohio State. And it’s a wonderful rendition of “Willow Weep for Me”.

        Cheers, Kat! Oh, and Henry says ‘hi’ and sends his love! 🙂

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      3. …he floated in my mind while listing to it…I pictured Dave playing the sax. He looked happy, energetic and..young.

        This piece, is absolutely…beautiful!! Thank you Decker. Trul

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