Saturday jazz – Thanks DB!

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” ― Louis Armstrong


A tribute to an internet friend, one who read the tripe on this website everyday, who recently passed away. Dave played on the selection highlighted below.

Thank you, DB, for your friendship and your devotion to spreading the truth on your website – “The New Abnormal”, and thank you for your musical gifts you shared.  Godspeed you, DB!


“Willow Weep For Me” – The Ohio State University Jazz Ensemble (1979)
 Ann Ronell, composer. John Emche, arranger. Tom Battenberg, director. Featuring Terry Douds (bass) and Randy Mather (tenor). Saxes: Jim Gallager (lead), Claude Thomas, Jody Krause, Randy Mather, Dave Williams. Trumpets: Jim Garee (lead), Dean Congin, Kim Pensyl, Jeff Fulgum, Steve Sonntag. Trombones: Steve Grugin (lead), John Fedchock, Dale Hindebrand, Dave Pfieffer, Pat Lewis Rhythm: John Emche (piano), Terry Douds (bass), Jim Rupp (drums), Giles Ponticello (guitar), Kevin Cochran (percussion).

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