No More

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
― George Carlin

Researchers in Mexico Create Mask That Only Covers Nose When Eating At Restaurants – via cbsboston

…and Jesus wept.

Our on-going question here at the Asylum is when will we, as humans, with all the bullshit we continue to believe…all the guano from arseholes we lap up…all the insanity we nod our heads in agreement with – when is enough, enough, and we wake up?

Never…is their cry.

And evidently, the gods are going to keep up with their games. Even THEY haven’t considered that this race is lost and beyond salvation.


Propaganda Watch: Dr. Fauci Children’s Book On The Way – via

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

CNN weirdo Brian Stelter announced with Glee Sunday that Dr Anthony Fauci is the subject of a new children’s book titled  “Dr. Fauci: How A Boy From Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor,” prompting many to immediately label it a propaganda campaign.

In a follow up written articleStelter described Fauci as being “immortalized” in the book, with Messner noting “I’m really hopeful that curious kids who read this book — those we’re counting on to solve tomorrow’s scientific challenges — will see themselves in the pages of Dr. Fauci’s story and set their goals just as high.”

Fauci, who has repeatedly flip flopped and lied about the use of masks and admitted that there is no science behind lockdowns, has been ever present on CNN and every other pro-lockdown news bilge station for the past year.

The book was reportedly written with Fauci’s input and consultation.

Yes…”set their goals just as high”

Let’s check in on those ‘goals’:

3,964 DEAD, 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’ – via

The European database of suspected drug reaction reports, EudraVigilance, is now tracking reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Their report through March 13, 2021 lists 3,964 deaths and 162,610 injuries following injections of three experimental COVID-19 shots:


Jive, bullshit, insanity, stupidity, murder – sadly, this is what we continue to follow.

How little we value our lives and those of whom we purport to love, as we can’t find one vertebrae in our spines to stand up to these demons, and say, ‘no more’.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – ‘The Wind’


  1. mind numbing stupidity at work. it makes the movie ‘idiocracy’ seem to be reality and worse. people are actually far stupider then those portrayed in that movie. They go to the lethal injection centers WILLINGLY. They wear masks that cut off their oxygen supply and claim it is ”normal”. They go to a restaurant to eat and jump through hoops like a trained trick dog and are happy to do so…All they lack if the tail. They are already licking the hand of the people who beat them!

    I would never pay someone to treat me like a child! yet that is what people are accepting…their role as an infant and their parent. like an infant that needs to be seated in a high chair. ”put your mask on now little child”…”now you sit on this side of the table away from your friend in the furthest corner little infant”….”are you sitting down?” ”okay….close your eyes” NOW you can take off your mask. BUT…..BUT…only long enough to eat!”….don’t you DARE ENJOY YOURSELF….this isn’t a fun experience little child….no…no…no…fun is outlawed…you do what your told!! your the infant…the state is your MASTER! Your parens patriæ! and so is every business you enter if you obey their dictates.

    Children are obedient. The average adult in the entire world right now has regressed to infantile obedience. Wearing masks to hide their face in shame? that is what i see it as. now, in that article above, they ask you to hide your nose so you won’t taste your food? try holding your nose as you eat…you can’t taste the food! besides which how foolish people look. those in face diapers look like freaks. eyes without a face. no longer possessed of human grace! as the song goes and it fits. how sick has the minds of hollow people become? !

    I saw a picture yesterday of a lady who held her new born in the hospital while wearing a mask….can’t breath while birthing. it is illegal…and her infant was wrapped in plastic…put in a plastic bag for her to hold! the infant / parent bond broken…as well as the mind of both! people that accept that crap are quite literally INSANE! They have accepted their role of human sacrifice and are waiting to be injected with their lethal chemical soup! Eager to go meet their dark master in hell! Anyone who does that to an infant, doctor, nurse or parent should be put in an asylum! locked in a rubber room and never let out! yet 99.9% of the world qualify right now as clinically insane!

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