‘Always Winter…but never Christmas’

In tonight’s roundup of bullshittery, humans are being given the choice, for now, to ramp up to the maniacal demands of demons, who are uncloaking and proudly displaying the output from their anal cavities.

Choices of whether to dine on their dishes of fecal matter now is a quandary. In the future, the choice will become ‘mandatory’, and the long line of the bewildered and confused who bought into the shysters’ bag o’ shit will issue quiet lamentations to the heavens that they believed, yet were ultimately screwed by the promises from Beelzebub’s henchmen.

It’s just a small sign of the the shitfuckery to come – and it won’t be relegated to just sporting events:

(Miami) Heat to open ‘vaccinated only’ section at home games – via nbcsports.com

MIAMI — Vaccinated fans will soon have their own sections at Miami Heat games.

The Heat announced plans Tuesday to open two sections in their lower bowl only for fully vaccinated fans starting with an April 1 game against Golden State. They are the first NBA team to reveal such a plan, though other clubs are believed to be working on similar measures.

Masks will still be required, even for the vaccinated fans, but social distancing rules will be slightly relaxed in those areas.

Masks of oxygen depravation and humiliation will still be required?  Wait…hasn’t it been promoted that the miracle jab of battery acid in the arm would do away masks, social distancing and all the rest of these lunatics’ recommendations?

Ah…the goalposts moved once again.

The time is coming quickly, where ‘antivaxers’ or anyone who still believes that health doesn’t come from a needle, will be shown their way out of all this, and their way out will appear on the horizon as a camp, with a fence around it…and not a friendly fence.

Amazingly, this was tried less than a hundred years ago – separating those who believed in the government propaganda, and those whom the government considered unclean or no longer wanted, hauling them off to determent camps for disposal, so that those remaining could be comforted by their bullshit.

Professor: Britain Can’t Be Held To Ransom By Vaccine Refuseniks – by Richie Allen – via richieallen.co.uk

Writing in the Daily Mail today, Brendan Wren, Professor of Vaccinology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said that “a third wave caused by vaccine refuseniks would devastate our return to normality.” He also said that “there is no excuse” for not having a vaccine. He writes:

...a worryingly high proportion of British people will continue to refuse the jab — preventing us reaching the crucial ‘herd immunity’, whereby the virus cannot spread because it cannot find enough people to infect.

We know, for example, that more than three million over-55s — including half a million over-65s — have still not been vaccinated, even though all are eligible and could surely have had the vaccine if they wanted it.

In both Britain and Europe, the costs of this vaccine hesitancy are now all too clear. France’s history of ‘anti-vax’ thinking — up to 60 per cent of French people have previously said they wouldn’t take a Covid jab — is now surely playing its part in the country’s third wave.

Here, we know, sadly, that vaccine hesitancy is particularly high in certain sections of the black, Asian and minority ethnic [BAME] communities.

Wren goes on to say that while he “ordinarily baulks” at the idea of compulsory vaccination, he does support making covid jabs mandatory for care workers. He then writes that Britain cannot be held to ransom by refuseniks:

Though I do not believe we are there yet, a third wave caused by vaccine refuseniks would devastate our return to normality. Britain cannot be held to ransom because of a minority who don’t understand the value of the vaccines, risking their own health and that of others in the process.

There it is. We, who will never take their experimental medicines, which are already causing real harm, will be blamed for delaying the exit from lockdown. We’ll be blamed for future lockdowns too. They’ll use every trick in the book, to get us to roll up our sleeves.

We know that Covid Status Certificates or Vaccine Passports are a reality. That’s effectively mandating by coercion.

Now a leading scientist is saying that the country cannot be held to ransom by refuseniks. This will lead to families, friends and neighbours falling out and singling out those of us who won’t have a jab. It’s going to get uglier, that’s for sure.

Always Winter but never Christmas.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mahler: Symphony No. 5 (Adagietto) – BBC Proms

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  1. They really think they can keep themselves in power – or at least in authority, not quite the same thing – forever with this covid BS.
    The sooner their rude awakening falls upon them from a towering height, the better.

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