They’re laughing in our Faces – The year of their scamdemic

Hey Mom!  Come quick…look, it’s a gerbil that talks!

It’s the Italian donkey, rearing his surprisingly gerbil-looking face again, uttering gerbil shit for the masses to inhale…deeply. Too bad this cement head isn’t in a cage.

On little-noticed panel, Fauci and Chinese counterpart envision lengthy Covid restrictions – via

Top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci (‘top U.S. infectious disease expert’…really?) on a recent public health panel signaled common ground with a renowned Chinese doctor and public health administrator on the matter of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, with both Fauci and his Chinese counterpart suggesting that those restrictions could continue for many months or even years.

Fauci in early March appeared on the virtual panel, titled “The Future of Health,” hosted by the University of Edinburgh. Also present in the meeting was Chinese pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan, who has been at the forefront of China’s response to the pandemic and who has been referred to by national spokeswoman Hua Chunying as “China’s Fauci.” 

Oh dear…choice shitfuckery incoming:

On the panel, Fauci and Zhong both expressed hopes that COVID-19 restrictions worldwide would continue well into the future. 

Zhong himself claimed that efforts to develop natural immunity to COVID-19 are inadvisable from a national policy standpoint. “It doesn’t work this way,” he said. “And it’s not realistic, and less scientific, and … inhumane.”

Zhong argued that “mass vaccinations” are the “commonsense” approach to engendering herd immunity in the population, but “to do that … will take about two or three years time with global collaboration.”

That’s right boys and girls…the only way to develop ‘natural immunity’ to Covid-19 is through mass vaccinations.  The pounds of bullshit in such a statement can’t be weighed. ‘Natural’ is now classified as vaccinations.  Fuck off!

Similar to his remarks alongside Zhong, Fauci during that interview expressed hope that, at some point, Americans will face “a minimal, minimal threat that you will be exposed to someone who is infected.”

“[I]f you combine getting most of the people in the country vaccinated with getting the level of virus in the community very, very low,” he said, “then I believe you’re going to be able to say, for the most part, we don’t necessarily have to wear masks.”

Folks, come on!  These arseholes are making up shit as they go along.

And hold onto your horses…you get the jab…fuck off if you think your life will change:

Mayo Clinic infectious disease expert Gregory Poland, meanwhile, said last month that individuals should continue following public health guidelines even after getting vaccinated. 

“[W]hile the vaccine reduces your risk,” he argued, “it does not eliminate the risk of being exposed to having the disease and asymptomatically transmitting the virus to others.”

China, the U.S….the scamdemic knows no borders.

And if you want a taste of the worldwide fuckery from these demons, maybe take just a few moments, and listen to Richie Allen’s podcast from today, March 23rd, highlighting the insanity from the UK: – Richie Allen – the fireworks start around the 40:25 mark.

My dear Mum, and no doubt, yours too, haven’t been allowed visitations to her assisted living facility for the past year. 

Mum is 89 years old, suffering from several strokes and dementia.

These fuckers in government and media, have conned you into believing their ‘new normal’ must be the normal.  

And all the while, your elderly parents, your young children…and You are at your wits’ end attempting to deal with these demons’ insanity.

These fuckers do…not…care…about you.

As long as they can profit from your suffering, your ignorance, and the sickness they promote…that is the game. That is their jive.


Rushmore – ‘Making A Go Of It’ –  (Here Comes My Baby Scene)



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