Amateur Vs. Professional Ghouls – The Months of Their scamdemic

There are the amateur ghouls, you know the ones who throw your ass down, handcuff you – all because you did the unthinkable, by rummaging through their tire store…without a face diaper!

Sweet Mother of God!  A brazen act!

Five Canadian Tire Staff act like police, handcuff lone maskless man in store – via

A video of the incident highlights the apparent use of excessive force by non-governmental actors to impost mandatory mask mandates in Canada

BURNABY, British Columbia, March 2, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Staff at a Canadian Tire store wrestled to the floor and handcuffed a man who refused to wear a mask last week, highlighting again the apparent use of excessive force by non-governmental actors to impose mandatory mask mandates in Canada.

One video of the ordeal was posted on Twitter by a user named Dan Dicks. The clip shows the maskless man being apprehended by five Canadian Tire staff in Burnaby. They struggled to subdue the man for his apparent non-compliance with mask mandates inside the store. – (read and watch more)

These tire employee thugs are just the amateur ghouls, probably designated to spending their eternity in one of lesser circles of Hell, assuming duties like groom of the stool.

And then there are the professional ghouls – an entirely different species of scum.

Their duties, in the lowest circles of Hell, once Father Time (who is undefeated) decides that their days of torment here on Earth are over, and once cast into the abyss…well, who could fathom what eternal delights of pain and suffering await them for the carnage they wrought upon the innocents with their time on terra firma.

Kids Who Refuse to Wear a Mask Will Have to Sit at Back of Class – via

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that pupils are facing “mask apartheid” after parents were told that children who refuse to wear one will have to sit at the back of the class. They will also be banned from eating lunch with their friends.

The government has recommended that all secondary school students wear face coverings during class, but it is not legally enforceable. Schools were told that students who refused to wear a mask, or take a twice weekly rapid covid test, must not be sent home.

But, according to The Telegraph today:

….parents fear their children will be discriminated against and forced to miss out on lessons if they come to school without a face mask.

Pupils at The Stonehenge School in Amesbury, Wiltshire were told that if they refuse to wear masks they will be “asked to sit near open doors or windows and must understand that their peers may not wish to sit with or work with them”.


You see boys and girls, when you screw with kids, you are considered a professional ghoul and assume earthly status of eternal evil among the corporate and governmental jive.

Your duties in the nether world can’t be understood in the present shitfuckery we find ourselves living in.

No, No, No…you won’t attain total consciousness of how you will suffer in the next life for the misery you’ve dispatched upon the innocents… until you’ve taken your last breath.

And then, with your great final breath that is inhaled – all the wrought, the shit, scum, the piss, you heaped upon innocents, will come full circle…and God help you, of what is before you.

Sadly, but maybe predictably, your last gasp might be…fuck me!


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Allman Brothers Band – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed ( At Fillmore East, 1971)


  1. The milgram prison experiment at work all around the world today! People willing to act as prison guards and others that act as prisoners willing to obey. Brainwashed!
    There are numerous youtube videos…suprising they have not removed them yet. Don’t want people to see what happened in that experiment.

    It seems to be also like this man who wrote about The Lucifer Effect.

    Good people that went bad as soon as they had power! Power corrupts. But people get drunk on it. They CHOOSE to do harm. They sink into it like a septic full of feces and they swim in it. They learn to love it! Look what has happened to the world due to a fictional sickness? How many shoppers attack others for not wearing a burhka cloth. The holy rag that suffocates. personal responsibility and morals…sense of right and wrong is tossed out! We are witnessing it on a HUGE SCALE.

    Last year…2020 was the year from hell….This year is the year of the reckoning! The year of choice. The year of the karmic effect. What people are willing to do is coming back on them. I have been witnessing some of that…At the lower levels you might say…The real life level…Not the Gates from Hell Level though that little man will surely get his reward from his Dark Lord though I doubt it will be to his liking! We won’t know that I am afraid..All that matters right now is which side are people choosing! What are they willing to do to each other, to children, to animals, to themselves! We are watching a lot of what people will do and which side they chose. People thought to be good godly folk turned out to be part of the demons from hell. They certainly prove their willingness to join with it in all they do.

    The line is already drawn. The sides chosen. Those on the fence have had the fence removed and they stay where they fell. That man at the tire store had a heart attack. Those brave employees protecting themselves and others from the UNMASKED are to blame for every injury of him and others because I am sure they did harm to every customer that walked through their door. That people would walk through a door wearing a mask says they are on the side of the darkness. They choose to dwell in darkness. to obey its every command. They choose to give up their dignity, their freedom, their rights to a bunch of thugs with power.

    The saddest ones are the children. The torture they are enduring because of their parents, their teachers, everyone they look to for guidance is failing them! horribly. The adults put them into a torture centers and tell them to go along to get along. Teaching them to be as insane as the adults.

    This is the new normal. The new group insanity taking place all around the globe. It isn’t just canada or america or australia. it is happening in 179 countries around the world. It is EVIL. plain and simple! people are handing off their SOULS to this stage play that is taking place. I won’t call it the COVID because that is military operation name. you name weapons. though i suppose you could call it part of the silent weapons for quiet wars event only it is much worse.

    The chemical soup they are injecting into people is the final solution they say to ”allow” people to go back to normal! except they forgot to tell them that the pre-covid normal no longer exists. you cannot restore what has been taken from people. from the economy, from the morals! look around! the prior world is dead and gone and nothing these drug pushers say will bring it back….the dead elderly murdered by medical people…cannot be brought back…the young people who killed themselves out of despair will never come back! those who are living under bridge now because their jobs, homes, apartments are taken from them. won’t be restored to pre-covid…their jobs, their incomes, their ball games, the trust they had in each other. what little was left is gone forever…..people will never trust each other again…they will always look to their neighbor as a disease vector. Such is their brain washing!

    That is just the start of the destruction. the obvious in your face parts…what about the destruction to the emotions, to the relationships? to the broken families? To the friends who are no longer friends? Can that be brought back with a gene editing vaccine? really?? grow up! What is gone will never return! Those telling you they hold the power to give it back to you are lying! See it for what it is…not what you want it to be!

    Perhaps it is time the door is shut on the human race. it certainly has proved itself to be not worth saving….look what it does to its weakest parts….lethal injection or isolation of its children. tortures each other. yep. definitely time for extinction. it is done by its own hand! suicide rather then genocide.

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  2. Now Decker.
    Have you ever worked 8 hours a day in a tire store?

    It wears on your treads to the point of doing almost
    anything as a distraction.

    In time you just lose air pressure.
    Everything is just easier in Canada.

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