How Much More of their Shit will you follow?

In tonight’s episode of: ‘how much more shit will you follow’, the psychopath’s ramp up their insanity to unimagined heights of bullshittery, content knowing that most of the unwashed will lap up their basins of excrement, for the only reason that so many others continue to do so.

What is it now? The percentage of unwashed who don’t blink a wayward eye when confronted with the insanity from these morons?

Some Women Finding Lumps In Breasts After Covid Jabs – US Doctors – via

The Daily Mail is reporting this afternoon that some women in the US have developed swollen lumps in their breasts after receiving a coronavirus jab.

The women are understandably worried but are being advised not to book a mammogram for at least four weeks after being vaccinated.

The lumps are in the body’s lymph nodes and are occurring on the same side of the chest as the arm in which the jab was administered.  According to The Mail Online:

Dr Devon Quasha works as a physician in Boston and found a lump in her left breast during a routine self-screen. 

She subsequently scheduled a mammogram and an ultrasound to investigate. One week before her imaging appointment she got her first Covid-19 vaccine, the Moderna jab. 

Shortly after her inoculation her left arm began to hurt and then several swollen lumps appeared around her left armpit and around the collar bone on her left side

Dr Quasha was told by her radiologist that although the breast lump was likely harmless, the swollen nodes would, under normal conditions, be concerning. 

So, you get the ‘news’ that you might be fucked from these demons’ shitfuckery, that your loved ones are coercing you to take and then told to calm yourself, that although you might not be fucked right now…you will be in future, maybe just a scant 3 to 6 months from now, at which time you will be fucked again. And it will be good.

460 Dead – 243,612 Reported Injuries from COVID-19 Vaccines Reported in the U.K. – via


New Analysis Indicates Pfizer Experimental MRNA Injection Killing 40 Times More Elderly Than CONvid-1984 Did – via


No one enjoys saying “I told you so”; however, at times it is important to remind individuals about information previously disclosed that many refused to acknowledge.As a reminder, during the Pfizer and Moderna “trials” for their experimental mRNA injection for CONvid-19, the death rates of participants were roughly 20 percent. In other words, one in five people died from these experimental injections before being foisted onto the public. In any other time, this would be enough to halt development and go back to the drawing board.Now, it is being reported by Children’s Health Defense via Lifesite News that the Pfizer experimental mRNA vaccine has killed approximately 40 times more elderly than the disease itself would have killed

Folks…full stop…what in the fuck are we believing from these fuckers?


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Magnificent Seven” –  Overture


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