The Apahty With Oxygen

Diving into the apathy smorgasbord of those who could care less how they are being reamed each day, the lolcows feast upon the latest offerings from morons, cement heads and other government and corporate media shysters to channel their inner tank, wholeheartedly believing in whatever latest fuckery these arseholes come up with:

CDC Begins Recommending Wearing Two Masks: – via

We already know based on objective, impartial, empirical datathat there is effectively no difference in covid case counts/hospitalizations/deaths in states that mandate masks and business restrictions (such as North Dakota) vs states which do not (such as its southern neighbor).

So, perhaps while looking at this graphic, the CDC had a brilliant idea: ok, one mask does not work, but what about… two masks! (read more)

Oh dear!

That’s right boys and girls – one face condom of oxygen depravation isn’t enough – we now need two, three, four – ten, sixteen, one hundred – to ward off the mighty cornholio.

Whatever dark dream of fantasy these demons concoct each day – the apathetic’s fall in line with, and take short, hyperventilating breaths to believe.

One, two, three or more sheets to the wind to believe in their insanity – whatever it takes to inhale and partake in the poisoning from these charlatans.

Look – truth be told…we all only care about a place where we can live as we want to…without interference from government or corporate assholes.

Yet, as most give an eye toward these government demons’ activities and edicts, who just might kill us all with their daily jive, is it any wonder we glance toward the heavens as we might rest our heads on our pillows late at night…wondering what in the fuck will it take for us to stop obeying their anus droppings.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Fasch – Concerto for trumpet, 2 oboes, strings & basso continuo a 8 in D major, FWV L:D1

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