How to Further F**k Ourselves by Listening to these Demons – The Months of their Scamdemic

The gods of shitfuckery are reeling; their plans for the mass destruction of as much life as possible is being shown for what it is, it’s not just destruction…it’s extermination.

The little Italian donkey is at it again, lighting fires of hysteria and instructing the unwashed how to further fuck themselves:

Regarding new CDC recommendations on masks, Dr. Anthony Fauci tells TODAY that “the fit is better if you put a surgical mask on and put a cloth mask over,” and demonstrates how. He says “it still would be prudent to wear a mask” after being vaccinated to protect others. – via

Wait! What the fuck! You’ve led us to believe that the poke of battery acid would be end the masks of oxygen depravation.

Guess not!

Dr. Fauci: It will be ‘open season’ by April for everyone to receive the vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells TODAY that the pace of coronavirus vaccinations will pick up “as we get into March and April” and that by April, it will be “open season” for all groups to receive shots. He says that while the U.K. variant does spread more rapidly, “the vaccines we have seem to do well” against it.

‘Open Season’…what the fuck are we to this goblin? Come on now…you know it.

And this from the same dickhead who told the world nearly a year ago…that we just need 15 days to flatten the curve.

Fuck off!

Here’s a dose of reality that the innocents are suffering, from these shysters’ chemical concoctions:

BREAKING: UK gov’t says over 240 people in Britain died shortly after receiving COVID jab
The report included in its ancillary material the information that a total of 8 miscarriages have been reported – via

LONDON, England, February 11, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A U.K. government vaccine safety review has revealed that 244 people, including 8 unborn babies, have died in Britain shortly after receiving one of two coronavirus vaccines. The government has said that it does not believe the inoculations are responsible.

An extensive report produced by the U.K. government today has detailed all the suspected side effects, including death, reported by medical staff or the people who received at least one Covid-19 vaccine between early December 2020 and January 31, 2021. The two vaccines currently in use in the U.K. are the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Oxford University/AstraZeneca. They were authorized by the country’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The report says that a “range” of “isolated or series of reports” of other serious suspected adverse reactions have been reported. It also said, however, that there were “currently no indications of specific patterns or rates of reporting” suggesting that the vaccines have been responsible for them. But its links to specific reports attached to each vaccine do show a clear picture of hundreds, or even thousands, of particular reactions that would be unpleasant to experience. 

Suspected adverse reactions after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

A total of 59,614 suspected side effects were recorded after use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. 

The link to the Pfizer vaccine analysis shows clearly that 1,437 blood disorders have been reported after inoculation, 1,204 of them being lymphadenopathy (enlarged or swollen lymph nodes). 712 cardiac disorders were reported, notably palpitations (303) and a speeding heart rate (230). 445 ear disorders were reported, including vertigo (146), ear pain (122), and varying amounts of hearing loss (31).

There were 823 references to eye disorders, including 145 reports of eye pain, 126 of blurred vision, and 5 of blindness. 6,605 gastrointestinal orders were reported, among them 2,889 cases of nausea, 924 cases of diarrhea, 775 cases of vomiting, and 283 cases of upper abdominal pain. Of the 19,354 “general disorders” reported4,007 were cases of fatigue, 3,665 were fevers,2,310 were chills, 773 referred to vaccination site pain, 491 were “influenza-like illnesses.” There were 308 immune system disorders, mostly hypersensitivity (146) and anaphylactic reactions (116).

Ironically, there were 1,186 reported infections, including 308 cases (including “suspected cases”) of Covid-19 itself, 231 cases of influenza, and 154 upper respiratory tract infections.  

There were 224 injuries reported, and 357 metabolic disorders, of which 252 were decreased appetite. 8,129 muscle and tissue disorders were mentioned, of which 2,690 were muscle pain and 1,704 were joint pain. 11,160 nervous disorders were reported, including 5,506 headaches, 1,546 cases of dizziness, 45 seizures, 15 cases of paralysis, and 1 case of locked-in syndrome. There were 5 miscarriages reported.

Of the 830 psychiatric disorders reported, 162 were insomnia, 112 cases of being in a confused state, and 73 bouts of anxiety. Of the 120 renal & urinary disorders, 35 were renal pain and 12 were urinary incontinence. There were 187 reproductive and breast disorders mentioned, of which 31 were breast pain and 22 menorrhagia (heavy periods).

There were 2,397 respiratory disorders reported, including 520 cases of difficulty in breathing, 483 sore throats, and 426 cases of coughing. 3,947 skin disorders were reported, including at least 796 rashes and 776 cases of itchiness.  The 676 vascular disorders on record included 182 hot flushes. 

Suspected adverse reactions after receiving Oxford University/AstraZeneca

A total of 42,649 suspected side effects were recorded after the use of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine. 

The link to the Oxford vaccine analysis indicates that 202 blood disorders have been reported after inoculation, 171 of them cases of changed lymph nodes. 406 cardiac disorders were reported, notably palpitations (214) and a speeding heart rate (141). 203 ear disorders were reported, including ear pain (88), vertigo (41), and varying amounts of hearing loss (31). 

There were 456 references to eye disorders, including 191 reports of eye pain, 53 accounts of blurred vision, and 8 of blindness. 4,693 gastrointestinal orders were reported, among them 2,320 cases of nausea, 479 cases of diarrhea, 862 cases of vomiting, and 235 cases of abdominal pain. Of the 15,644 “general disorders” reported2658 were fatigue, 4562 were fevers,2971 were chills, 100 were vaccination site pain, 579 were “influenza-like illnesses.” There were 90 immune system disorders, again mostly hypersensitivity (39) and anaphylactic reactions (28).

With the Oxford vaccine there were 695 reported infections, including 42 cases (including 2 “suspected cases”) of Covid-19 itself, 358 cases of influenza, and 74 upper respiratory tract infections.  

112 injuries were reported, and 491 metabolic disorders, of which 430 were decreased appetite.There were 5,427 muscle and tissue disorders, including 1,983 cases of muscle pain and 1,281 of joint pain. 9,328 nervous disorders were reported, including 5,112 headaches, 1,207 cases of dizziness, 40 seizures and 5 cases of paralysis. 

There were 3 miscarriages.

748 psychiatric disorders were reported, including insomnia (195), confused state (92), and hallucinations (64). 112 renal & urinary disorders were reported, including renal pain (48) and frequent urination (22). There were 83 reproductive and breast disorders reported.

Of the 1,030 respiratory disorders reported, 282 were cases of difficulty in breathing, 209 were sore throats, and 169 were cases of coughing. 2,052 skin disorders were reported, especially excessive sweating (615), rashes (271) and itchiness (224. The 337 vascular disorders on record included 121 hot flushes. 

Destruction…or extermination of life…you decide.
“Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all.” ― Voltaire


Tonight’s musical offering:

Do we have 7 days, weeks or months from the brew of filth, shit and fuckery these arseholes have lined up for us?

Sting – ‘Seven Days’ 


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