The Same Old Song and Dance – The months of their scamdemic

It’s the gift of laughter, hearty handshakes and slaps on the back that keeps giving, and it continues to be provided in the form of a lawn jockey and other assorted dopes, misfits and charlatans the unwashed continue to believe:

49740500458_1d8bd3b2ed_w (1)Fauci the fraud pretends to have soreness in right arm after getting ‘vaccinated’ in left arm – via

(Natural News) After having a fake Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine supposedly injected into his left arm during a recent publicity stunt, Anthony Fauci appeared on CBSN to whine about how he was feeling a little bit of pain in his right arm because of the jab – oops!

The play-pretend “doctor,” encouraging Americans to follow his lead, apparently forgot which arm received the fake needle in his rush to explain that pain at the injection site is perfectly “normal” and something that everyone should expect.

“It felt a little bit achy but nothing to be bothering or distracting me,” Fauci told the fake news hosts before mistakenly pointing to this right arm.

“I went to bed last night and had a good night’s sleep, woke up this morning and the only thing I have is just a little bit of a soreness in the arm, otherwise I’m doing really well,” the fake doctor added.

Though some have tried to claim that Fauci’s video may have been flipped due to a front-facing camera, meaning he was actually pointing to his left arm, it is obvious from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) writing in the background of the footage that this was not the case.

And speaking of ‘blows’, we have the following tired old fart from the WHO, apparently off her meds as she speaks truth:

WHO Chief Scientist Warns “No Evidence Covid Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission” – via

Once again, the WHO has stepped in to offer some confusing comments about the coronavirus vaccine, warning that there is “no evidence to be confident shots prevent transmission” and that people who receive the vaccine should continue wearing masks and following all social distancing and travel guidelines.

The comments were made by WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan during what appears to have been a virtual press conference held Monday.

“I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on”, says WHO Chief Scientist @doctorsoumya

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) December 28, 2020

A clip of the offending line has begun circulating on social media.

“At the moment, I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines, to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from getting the infection and passing it on,”

Of course, a close look at the research released by Pfizer and Moderna shows the studies haven’t actually tested whether the vaccines actually prevent transmission of the virus; the goal of the trials was to see whether vaccinated patients presented with COVID symptoms at a rate that was substantially less frequent than individuals who hadn’t been vaccinated. That’s pretty much it. Though the data might hint at lowering transmission rates, that’s still tbd, apparently.

Yes, that’s right. Even though you might consent to the poke of battery acid in your arm, guess what? It’s a Festivus miracle, and you will still be required to wear your wet face diapers, ladened with the shyte you just exahaled, telling your loved ones to fuck off with their open arms for hugs, and doing voodoo tricks to cast their souls onto the shores of lake-front properties in Gehenna for their beliefs removed from mainstream media shitfuckery.

And if you can wrap your head around all this, maybe you’re believing the same old song and dance from these fuckers.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Same Old Song And Dance” – Frank Sinatra

image credit – fauci –

Cover Photo by Nicolas Thomas on Unsplash

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