Look Away – The months of their scamdemic

The never-ending parade of dickheads in government and corporate media continue to cast their incantations of madness to and fro, with the unwashed’s sustained dedication to bathe in the tub of horseshit these demons create each day undeterred.

Pain, agony, degradation…it’s the stripes the lolcow’s wear proudly each day. 

Whatever insanity is issued each day, the Pavlov dogs of humanity salivate uncontrollably, shit their pants and dutifully stand at attention and salute these arseholes, ready to obey.

CDC issues new guidelines urging Americans with underlying conditions to get Covid vaccine – via justthenews.com

Immunizations ‘may be administered to people with underlying medical conditions provided they have not had a severe allergic reactions.’

Oh, okay….sure, why not?

Underlying conditions like diabetes, nervous system disorders, heart issues, bunions, skin conditions – fuck all that…just line up for a vial of battery acid. Why? Jesus, Mary and Holy St. Joseph…haven’t you heard, it’s a pandemic, where if you contract the mighty cornholio, you have a 99%+ of surviving. 

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration “may be administered to people with underlying medical conditions provided they have not had a severe allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the vaccine,” the CDC declared in new guidelines Saturday.

The reason is that “adults of any age with certain underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19,” the agency added.

You can read the CDC guidelines here.

The advisory cautioned that there is limited safety data for certain categories of patients with conditions like HIV, weakened immune systems and autoimmune conditions that cause the body’s immune system to attack healthy cells. But such patients should nonetheless take vaccine, the agency stated.

Other guidance included:

  • patients with past cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome in which the body attacks parts of its own nervous system may receive the vaccine doses. The guidance adds that following vaccination during clinical trials, there have been no instances of the syndrome. 
  • patients with past cases of Bell’s palsy — where muscle weakness occurs temporarily in the face — may also receive a vaccine.

Guillain-Barre syndrome – big deal. So what if your body’s immune system attacks your nerves, with weakness and tingling in your extremities where these sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. Take the vial of battery acid.

Bell’s palsy…hey, it’s just temporary, so they say…just take the antifreeze.

If you’re on death’s doorstep, just take the poke of shittery…it’s your duty to fuck up whatever health you might have left.  Do your part and die, so that others may live, under perpetual house arrest.

So what if 3,150 Injuries in First Week of the Experimental COVID Vaccines Among American Healthcare Workers have occurred. Park that little fact in the back of your mind and just do what the demons tell you to do.

Folks, ignore the commentary from this shitposting writer, and just read again, the above from the CDC.  Really?  We are suppose to believe and follow this absolute bat guano?

Those who want to take our hands and ask us to look away from the demons’ madness, they are cast aside, as we smell the outhouse of shit we are about to dive into…yet dive into anyway.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Derek and the Dominos  (Eric Clapton) – “I Looked Away”




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