The Dark, Bitter World of Pain from these shysters

As the pharma companies do what they do best, taking the stake and driving it right into heart of those they purport to help, bewildered and bewitched hearts and minds send their quiet lamentations to the gods of shitfuckery in hopes of a message of hope. The message received back is that they are indeed screwed.

It’s a win-win situation here.  Big Pharma sends out their candy canes of toxins, the corporate media, sponsored largely by these same Pharma companies, report that their offerings are just as pleasant as receiving a box of chocolates, and all is right as rain. 

But look boys and girls, these shysters’ offerings are nothing more than a journey into the dark, bitter world of pain:

Covid Vaccinations of Seniors Begin Worldwide: 1 Man Dead and 4 Nursing Home Staff Hospitalized as Gov. Newsom Begins Vaccinating Nursing Home Residents in California – via

Reports of causalities worldwide among seniors and assisted living center staff from the experimental COVID vaccines started surfacing today.

The Jerusalem Post reported that a 75-year-old man died from a heart attack two hours after receiving the Pfizer experimental vaccine, although as usual they want to assure the public that his death had nothing to do with the vaccine.

In Germany, is reporting that eight nursing home workers in Stralsund accidently received five times the normal dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, sending half of them to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms.

But the drug company says such mega-doses are perfectly safe anyway.

Eight nursing home workers in Stralsund received five times the normal dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, sending half of them to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms – but the company insists the megadose is safe.

A group of care home employees in the northeastern town of Stralsund was accidentally dosed with five times the prescribed amount of Pfizer-BioNTech’s newly approved Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday – the first day Germany began vaccinating healthcare workers and nursing home residents against the virus.

Eight employees received five times the 30-microgram (mcg) dose of the jab, which was recently christened Comirnaty. Four of those were hospitalized as a “precautionary measure” after experiencing flu-like (and Covid-19-like) symptoms, Vorpommern-Rügen district administrator Stefan Kerth revealed on Monday.

“I deeply regret this incident,” Kerth told reporters, expressing “hope” that “those affected suffer no serious side effects.”

While the prescribed dose for Comirnaty is just 30mcg, a spokeswoman for BioNTech insisted researchers had experimented with “increased dosages” during clinical trials and found doses of as much as 100mcg were tolerated without “serious consequences.”

However, five times the normal dose would be 150mcg, half again as much as a 100mcg overdose, and it’s not clear if any of the clinical trials had tested such high doses. (Full article.)

Pump as much chemical fuckery into the veins of the ignorant, and claim that mega-doses are perfectly safe.

Oh, okay.

But try as you might, you can’t get another to see their on-coming tank, one that could quite possibly put an annoying sliver into their daily existence by allowing the vials of battery acid to be poked into their arms. The price we all must pay…right?

But screw the negativity…we’ve got a ‘deadly’ virus we must contend with, and if we don’t offer up and even sacrifice our lives to the imbeciles in government who throw darts against the wall to determine how fucked you are today and tomorrow, you’re missing the point.

Lay down and die for these assholes.



Tonight’s musical offering:

“Do you feel like we do” –  Full Version – Peter Frampton


  1. swallowed the koolaid…just like hundreds of people did in the jim jones cult did. I predict BILLIONS will line up to get their fair share of the koolaid! only it is injected instead of swallowed. They may walk away from the shot and might think they feel fine until they pass out in the car and kill someone or die at home in the bathtub! Their immune system is now compromised and shut off like a light switch! every bug and germ will be their nightmare! They were not sick before but they will be! That is what I see coming. perfect kill grid where people VOLUNTEER to die! or be maimed by the medical establishment of the insane!

    just imagine what it does to your body when the liquid injected into you is -70 degrees and that lump of ice is traveling through your veins and into your heart! no sudden shock there is there? This vaccine is designed to shut off your natural immune system. That means you will ‘catch’ the bugs and germs you didn’t catch before and they can and they will be deadly. What a perfect way to kill people in large numbers. Get them do it to themselves! Use the rest of the obedient slaves to pick up the bodies and dispose of them. no mess! no messy bombs. no war zones and its destruction to have to clean up. easy and clean! when it is over the whole city can be removed by those who are left over to do the bidding of their masters and give them what they want. The Georgia Guidestones or less! much much less!

    To quote an herbalist I like to listen to…..”nothing this stupid is meant to live”….

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