Friday Night Frights – The Months of their scamdemic

Ladies and gentlemen, witness one of the greatest tragic comedies of all time, where failed Gong Show participants, now government employed cement heads, pull turds out of their arseholes and pass it off as some type of government or regulatory gem of idiocy designed to further enhance our pleasure of living in the tenth circle of hell. (Dante could not have envisioned the current shitfuckery of this modern era  – thus he only fathomed nine circles of hell)

The ignorant and apathetic let out shrieks of joy with the following news not reported by the corporate media:

PREP Act Secretly Amended this Week to Allow Pharmacists to Vaccinate Children Ages 3-18 – by Wayne Tohde Health Impact News

The PREP Act has been previously amended twice prior to this declaration.

Previous amendments of The PREP Act include:

  • The 1st amendment on April 10th to extend liability immunity to covered countermeasures authorized under the newly passed CARES Act. [3] This declaration provides limited immunity to manufacturers of masks, plastic shields, gloves and other protective equipment.
  • The 2nd amendment on June 4th for the purpose of clarifying that covered countermeasures include qualified countermeasures that limit the harm COVID-19 might otherwise cause. [4] Basically, allowing the use of therapeutics and other measures that were not designed for COVID, to be used if necessary.

Now comes the problem of allowing pharmacists to administer childhood vaccines.

In the Vaccine Court currently, the number one petition filed for compensation is for shoulder injury as the result of a vaccination (SIRVA). Most of the injured persons (adults) received influenza or Tdap vaccinations from their local retail pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid or Target.

If these retail pharmacies cannot properly administer a vaccine to an adult, why would we allow this for children?

One of the biggest problems when filing a petition claiming shoulder injury is the failure of the retail pharmacies to accurately record in the medical records which arm the vaccine was administered in and who did it. These pharmacies can barely keep up with adults receiving one vaccine at a time.

What happens when a parent brings their child into the business to get several vaccines? Will the pharmacy tech or pharmacist record the date, time, which arm or leg?

Probably not.

Will they be able to obtain and examine a thorough review of medical records prior to administering the vaccine?

Probably not.

Most doctors lack any comprehensive training of what a vaccine injury is or adverse reactions in a child, let alone a pharmacist receiving this type of training.

This has all the makings for a disaster. (read more)

Of course it does, just like about all the shitfuckery these shysters dream up each day.

Soon, once the nirvana of battery acid injections is approved, with all mandated to take, either through government or corporate dictated insanity, the poke in the arm could be administered by street urchins, dildo makers or any other ‘designated’ arm of the criminal cabal.

And if you’re wondering how such a bucket of horseshit gets approved…we’ve found never-before-seen footage of the approval process from these jive hammerheads:

As humanity is allowing itself to circle the drains into the sewer these demons have prepared for us, there are rumblings of awakening among the unwashed.  Protests of the cement heads and their shitfuckery are scheduled for Saturday, August 29th, in major European cities.

Sadly, America is wallowing in bullshit akin to nazel-gazing, pulling the lint out of their belly-buttons

Robert F. Kennedy in Berlin: Conference with Heiko Schoning (MD), Markus Haintz (Lawyer) – 8-28-2020

“It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.” ― Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight’s musical offering:

VOCES8 – “Jesus bleibet meine Fredue” – J.S. Bach

Photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash


  1. Robert F. Kennedy know his s***. I am SO glad I don’t have children.

    Lovely music. Bach? Is that guy playing a clarinet or oboe?

    That singing reminds me of chorus in high school. I miss singing in choral gatherings.

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    1. Right with you…my children are adults in their 30’s and 40’s. If I had young children right now, I’d be losing my shyte! How I mourn for what they will face. I believe it’s a clarinet. And like you…I miss singing in choral gatherings. It’s the best! Cheers to you and yours and thank you for your thoughts

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No! Not at all! I’m just a music pedant, I couldn’t help myself;-)

        You can tell it’s an oboe, because he looks like he’s blowing his brains out;-) A lot of back pressure on double reed instruments.

        See, I can’t help myself!;-)

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      1. I got ya. Yep, the clue is always no mouthpiece.

        I am a woodwind player myself, including the flute. But my performing days are over: too old and cranky!;-)

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      2. My flutist days were over in three months in 6th grade. I wanted to continue but, my mother was not happy with flute payments. I could read music at 10 years old but, can’t, now, at 54.

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      3. I wanted to play drums, too! I started with the flute because I wasn’t interested in horns, a sax or any reed instruments. I was looking at the drums as my secondary, future attempt. When the three month lease was up, my mother gave me the declaration of a lifetime…”If I buy this, you’d better be playing it the rest of your life.” My 10 year old self gave up. My dream of drums went *poof*.

        I have a first cousin that is a guitarist (classical) because, at 6′ 8″, he couldn’t play basketball. “I have white-man disease.” (his words). LOL!

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  2. mask makers, glove makers, hand sanitizer makers as well i am sure won’t be liable for the damage they cause. right there should be enough to tell people how damaging they are. if they were ”safe” you wouldn’t have to give immunity to the company that makes them. plus. what right do they have to step in and give vaccine makers, or any product maker at all ”immunity”? what right do they have to say you can’t sue the company for the harm they cause? that is a serious injustice. why this country has not risen up and said ‘GO TO HELL’ to those bastards that claim the right to rule them is beyond me!

    they will give immunity for other devices and the damage …such as ventilators that blow up your lungs like a balloon and cause death in over 80% of the people put on them? you bet they will have immunity as well.

    the only option left to people is one but i doubt the cowards in this country would take it. they will indeed hand over their children to the state to inject anything they want into the child. The adult today is the ‘care giver’. The STATE is THE PARENT AND OVERLORD for the human herd!

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  3. I need to just be really shallow here for the sake of us all! Why do professional women insist on wearing beach tops to events where men are full clothed? When they look at the video afterward, do they see how inappropriate it looks, I can’t help but wonder?! Sorry. Lame and shallow, but, maybe not totally off?!

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