Getting to the Other Side

In tonight’s episode of ‘where in the hell is the time machine’, the insufferably ignorant look into the future and see total genocide, and their visions are true, but they could give a shyte.

It’s those who have a highly developed olfactory sense who can discern the mounds of shit in front of their nostrils who know it’s time to depart this vaudeville act, as they look for the time machine.

Poets, authors, composers, and artists – who long before us have warned humanity of what is in store when the collective abandon truth and beauty, well…too late.  We were warned and did little to hold off the descent into total annihilation of the human heart and spirit.

And so, we are now where we are.


We continue to believe in the absolute shitf**kery from government shysters, and in the end, we’re left with a handful, and even more sadly, a face full of pus.

Who, among the ignorant of the present day, know of Beethoven, Mozart, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Poe, Voltaire, Malcolm X, JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jr…to name just a few? And if they do know, they haven’t they a flippin’ clue of what they labored to bring us.

Instead, the ignorants’ daily soap is lathered up by destroying and shitting upon beauty and truth, replacing it instead with destruction, insanity, hopelessness and a belief in that if they just keep believing in the lies of the day from the farts of the day…they will survive, for what, God only knows.

And so…they can fuck off with their obedience to demons, they can fuck off with their willful ignorance, fuck off with believing in the destruction of truth and beauty the modern day shitwits advance.

Hold true to believing that lovers of evil and ugliness will see you to another day.

Keep those face diapers in place, stand far apart from another human life, and revel in your sterile existence.

The modern day gods of shitf**kery will be most pleased.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, 4th movement | conducted by Paavo Järvi

Photo credit: Photo by James Donovan on Unsplash




  1. Brilliant commentary Decker….What you said about what are they doing it for? What life will they live on their knees and with a mask clasped firmly over their pie hole? Is the threat of an illness so great that people will give up their existence for it? They are already dead! They gave up the spirit of life and beauty and love! They are darkened inside and out!

    People claim to want to go ”back to normal” but what was so important with being slaves in the old normal that they want it back? preferable to what they are ”living” with now? the taxes, the wars, the rules, regulations, they licenses and permission slips?. much worse now…oh yes, but what they had before isn’t better! They want ”it” back! Right, by self suiciding, by being obedient sheep led to slaughter. They had that in the old as well as the new ”normal”.

    Give me something new….Give me liberty! I would gladly take my chances with any germ,illness, or disease so long as I and I alone decide how to take care of my health! no dictators as we live under now. my choice. my right to live free of fetters and to take chances without big brother there to demand my ”safety” at the point of a gun!

    There is little difference in the dictators today to Hitler of decades earlier. Same propaganda machine at work. Same dictators. Same tyranny. Same death camps only they call it ”qurantine” now. Same stage. Different play actors!

    That one question needs answered. What normal life did you have? What could you possibly gain? There was no liberty no freedom of choice. someone else did that for us. they chose what foods we can buy, what medicines, what jobs and how long we work, what we can work for, what permission slips we need to obtain and how much we need to pay for the priveledge of say owning a business or building a house or barn, or shed. Is that what people want back? Tyranny Light.

    There is no going back for one and for two. what we lived before WASN’T NORMAL! It was just as insane only it was still total enslavement. The only difference was the pig with a whip used it lighter back then (as early as 6 months ago) as opposed to the ” cat of nine tails” being used today to flay our backs. They no longer have to hide the whip. They no longer have to ”pretend” that the masses have ”freedom”. There masses are enslaved and they did it to themselves with no resistance! none!

    Where is the Stage door! I want out of this shit show!

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  2. I keep blogging, but after three months, I’m already back to wondering why I am even bothering. So I empathize with your anger and frustration here, since it is mine, as well! In fact, I felt as though I were writing your words here.

    And you’re right, we’ve allowed ourselves to become what the fascist scum have been striving for since their ace-in-the-hole Darwin came up with his excuse to lower the state of humanity back down to the jungle and cave. Add to this, the last century of commercial art of all types, but especially music, and most of us today, are no longer human beings, we are just two-legged animals who are seeking survival, and with no concern for anyone but ourselves.

    In one short century, we have undone two millennia of Western European art and culture. What had finally raised man up from the jungle and cave, we, today, have labeled ‘racist and hate-filled’. The slovenly want no part of anything that requires them to work to advance. The slovenly make their living as professional victims who require a nanny/police-state, like this one, to take care of them, 24/7/365.

    We have sat by and allowed all of this to happen. In my opinion, we are getting what we have coming to us. In my opinion, humanity is doomed.

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  3. you write for us! the remnant. there are a handful left who are the unmasked. those who reserve the right to exercise our minds in our own way and own fashion. DB, Decker, Kensho and so many other brilliant writers. I need you! I need to know there is a pocket of sanity in an otherwise insane planet! I need to know and be able to say THANK THE DOLPHINS there is one other left alive. YOU… a non-goblin! someone who is still human and has remain so through all the madness. i can’t write like you! I thank you for doing just that…writing and continue to write over and over. a few others you will reach…a few…but that may be all that is needed to turn the tide…just one more!

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    1. Very, very kind of you, Highlander. Thank you! Writing is in my dna, and like you,
      we ‘reserve the right to exercise our minds in our own way and own fashion’. Though I will complain here and there of how old this is getting, I don’t think I could ever quit writing…so, I’ll forge on, with special thanks to you. And on the writing note…you write especially well, and I always enjoy your offerings here. Cheers to the both of us!

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