Toe-Jam Chicanery – The Days of Their Scamdemic

It’s the joy from the psychopath’s that keeps the giving spirit of the cornholio alive each day.

The cement-heads continue to hype masks of oxygen depravation and social distancing as a means to avoid contracting the powerful and ‘genius’ virus, that knows when and how it can infect the unwashed.

Gatherings under 50 are okay – depending upon where you live. Beyond that… strap yourselves in your straight jacket, for the clever virus knows it can THEN get down to business.

Sitting at restaurant table is a ‘safe zone’. The mighty cornholio cannot abide therein.  Step outside the safe zone and the cornholio goes into attack or ass mode, take your pick.

But the unwashed know all this as it’s been jammed down their throats 24/7/365, along with the cancellation of smiles, hugs, visiting the sick and elderly.

Tasty treats for the soul have been landmined.  No more live music, singing at any gathering is verboten. Partial sport openings that allow cardboard cut-out’s of people ‘attending’ the event isn’t laughed off the airwaves. Even more astounding is that the unwashed, for the most part, continue to drink deeply from the cup of their demise offered up each day these con artists.

But as the sun is setting on the generations currently occupying terra firma, there are troubling signs the unwashed might be stumbling out of their 50+ year binge of ignorance, stupidity and Uber apathy:

Nolte: Only 42% Say they Will Get the Coronavirus Vaccine – via

Only 42 percent of American adults say they will get the coronavirus vaccine, according to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

This is a tracking poll of 1,506 American adults taken between July 28 – 30.

Back in early May when the poll first started asking this question, 55 percent said they would agree to get vaccinated. Slippage has occurred every month since. In late May the number dropped to 50 percent. In early July it was just 46 percent. Now we’re down to 42 percent.

It should be noted that there is no vaccine as of yet. But there has been much talk of a miracle vaccine right around the corner — you know, just like the findings of the Durham investigation.

But not to fret about such sanity, the U.S. Government and Yale have ideas of how to persuade you to get poked with their vials chemical shitf**kery:

U.S. Gov & Yale Hold Clinical Trials to Test “Persuasive Message For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake” – via

Yes, theses f**kers’ laboratory experiments are so good that they have to convene a panel of dunces and other assorted arseholes to devise marketing shitf**kery to convince you that taking a poke in the arm of battery acid, will ward off the clever cornholio.

And if the U.S. Govt and Yale don’t stoke warm and wet feelings in your undercarriage, we have this carnage of a human being to ensure you get the picture:

Gretchen Whitmer Blocks GOP Bill That Would Have Kept Coronavirus Patients Out of Nursing Homes – via

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a Republican bill on Friday that would have kept coronavirus patients out of nursing homes and placed them in entirely separate facilities — an effort aimed at protecting those most vulnerable to developing serious complications from the coronavirus, which originated in China.

Got it?

It would be more than refreshing to witness the following, where control-freaks are appropriately confronted:

Silver Streak: “You stupid, ignorant, sonovabitch, dumb bastard!”

Ah, to hope!  Screw us all!

“Once you are born in this world, you’re old enough to die.” ― Soren Kierkegaard


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart: Symphony No.41 “Jupiter”/ Mehta/Wiener Philharmoniker – 3rd movement

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