Face Diapers Abound – A Funeral Attended – The Scamdemic Deepens

As the unwashed and lolcow’s circle the drain in various ways, heading toward the stench of the sewer with government shysters and cement-heads cheerleading their journey toward the abyss, it appears the fear porn and propaganda jam fisted down the throats of those who choose to believe in their non-stop shitf**kery, rather than do just a bit of critical thinking of the horseshit fed to them 24/7/365, is greasing the pipes toward their ultimate tank.

For those with a few gray cells left – the following is as bewildering as contemplating why your mate continues doing their most annoying and mind-splitting personal habits you’ve asked them to stop, time after time after time:

Poll: Vast majority of U.S. Voters Support a Nationwide Mask Mandate – via breitbart.com

Well over three-quarters of Americans would support a nationwide mask mandate, a Hill-HarrisX survey revealed on Monday.

The survey, taken July 26-27 among 948 registered voters, asked, “Would you support or oppose a national mandate to wear a face mask?”

A hefty majority, 82 percent, said they would support such a mandate. Only 18 percent opposed. Of the 82 percent, 61 percent said they would “strongly” support the measure, and 21 percent said they would “somewhat” support it.

Voters appear to be united on the issue across various age groups, races, and party lines. A majority of Republicans, 66 percent, indicated they would support a nationwide mask mandate, as did 85 percent of independents and 93 percent of Democrats.

Slapped silly with social isolation nonsense, and further nonsense that wearing the masks of oxygen depravation and inhaling the carbon dioxide you exhale with each breath will keep the cornholio at bay if you’re drinking at a bar at 9:59 pm, but at 10:01 pm, the cornholio knows it can then manifest itself and wreak havoc upon your life whenever government dickheads tell you it can – the unwashed continue to astound the gods of confusion and desolation that most of humanity is so goddamn dumb.

“Now you see that evil will always triumph…because “good” is dumb.

Sure, you can show the lolcows the following:

1. Studies on the effectiveness of face masks

So far, most studies found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks in the general population, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control.

  1. A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza published by the US CDC found that face masks had no effect, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control.
  2. July 2020 review by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medince found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth masks against virus infection or transmission.
  3. A Covid-19 cross-country study by the University of East Anglia came to the conclusion that a mask requirement was of no benefit and could even increase the risk of infection.
  4. An April 2020 review by two US professors in respiratory and infectious disease from the University of Illinois concluded that face masks have no effect in everyday life, neither as self-protection nor to protect third parties (so-called source control).
  5. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine from May 2020 came to the conclusion that cloth face masks offer little to no protection in everyday life.
  6. July 2020 study by Japanese researchers found that cloth masks “offer zero protection against coronavirus” due to their large pore size and generally poor fit.
  7. A 2015 study in the British Medical Journal BMJ Open found that cloth masks were penetrated by 97% of particles and may increase infection risk by retaining moisture or repeated use. – via globalresearch.ca

Sadly, it appears it won’t matter. The fear and propaganda from government and media dipshits has worked to perfection.


Today, my family had funeral and burial services for my father.  90 years old was he, who had suffered torment beyond description from Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia for the past 5 years.

I was constantly taking a long gander at relatives entering the church. Relatives I would have immediately recognized just a few months ago, when the masks of shame weren’t worn. Today, I had to wait until the service was over, when the masks of shame were reluctantly discarded, to recognize cousins, aunts and uncles from days past.

Sadness, melancholy, depression abound at most funerals, and rightly so. But I was happy this day….for the horrendous physical and mental torment my father had experienced for the past 5 years, was no more.

My father and I were as different as night and day.  I love classical music, Dad loved country music. I have a very sharp and snarky tongue – I never heard my Dad utter one bad word about anybody…ever. Just a few of our many differences.

But one thing for sure…dear Dad is now free, knowing all that I don’t know in an instant with his last breath.

He had a quiet strength that was always there…along with a healthy disdain of bullshit.

And so to you Dad… “I’m gonna love you, forever and ever…Amen!”

Randy Travis – “Forever and ever…Amen!”


  1. When crayons aren’t ranked by color or position in a box…

    I’m in the minority group ***
    Uhhh – why don’t I feel any different?

    More air for me to breath.
    Sadly, I can smell the stench coming this way.

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  2. Probably shoulda mentioned the funeral with the content above but it would have been poorly worded among my ranting thoughts.

    I miss my dad – he passed a couple years ago now.
    No more suffering for those that have passed on. I’m sure your father will be missed for quite some time. ~blessed be

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am glad your father is no longer suffering. And I am glad that this right of passage burden, one I have already gone through twice, has been lifted off of you.

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  4. I’d bet what you perceive as opposite in some cases are not the case—I’ve yet to hear your sharp tongue lash out against anyone personally, except those corrupted in positions of power. You come off to me as someone very caring and compassionate, because only those who truly care about others would dare to be so confrontational against what’s going all wrong with the world. To speak no ill about anyone ever, that sounds more like denial than virtue, and seems to me you may have seen that chink in his armor, and instinctively knew how to ‘fix’ it. Cheers dear, a toast to the wisdom of your father you were able to take to the next level . . . Xo

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  5. Masks have become a fashion statement, now…like bell bottoms or platform shoes…or pet rocks. Society in general is known for doing stupid s***…on a regular basis. And, our government education system has guaranteed the removal of common sense or functional skill.


      1. Oh. Yeah. And, virtue signalling… All of this mask nonsense reminds me of Dr. Seuss’s “Sneetches”. I’m better than you are because I have a star on my belly. *eyes rolling*

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