It’s a Race to Our End – The Days of Their Scamdemic

All Hail the Dickheads!

The cement-heads who hold government jobs, never missing a paycheck during this health fiasco scheme, as they issue daily shitf**kery that lays to waste small businesses, destroys lives, and instills the fear of Beelzebub if you step outside without your face diaper pasted on your mug – their edicts, mandates and other guano issued to date are nothing compared to what these shits are now about to bend over and take a dump on your head:

UK Gives town Councils Power to Bulldoze ‘Contaminated’ Homes to Contain Outbreak – via

Britons were shocked and angered this week when an internal government guide meant to inform local councils and town authorities on possible strategies in dealing with rising coronavirus cases throughout the country explored scenarios wherein demolition of ‘contaminated’ homes would be allowed.

It’s unclear if the UK guide, called Covid-19 Contain Framework and produced by the Department of Health and Social Care, was intended to gain broad public circulation, given it contains what’s widely seen as oppressive overkill measures that are absolutely Orwellian and downright tyrannical in terms of the power assumed by local councils.

Here’s the headline in The Telegraph that went viral late in the day Tuesday: Councils can demolish contaminated buildings under powers to stop second coronavirus wave.

‘Shocked and angered’….but will they do anything more than continue to be shocked and angered by the demons’ actions?

All signs point to ‘no’.

The upcoming Autumn and holiday season will be replaced with the smiling faces of lolcows, enjoying being reamed up their arse by these charlatans, highlighted on local news programs televising epic demonstrations of joyous lolcows’ adherence to the absolute demise of their lives.

And more dumping’s from these shits:

New York City sets up quarantine checkpoints as it toughens state travel restrictions – via

Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed – via

Singapore to make travelers wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine – vis

The devices will track wearers’ movements, and any attempt to leave home will trigger an alert to the authorities

Tis the f**kery of us all.

Cornholio II – the September, Thanksgiving and Christmas wave – it’s all coming. And the ‘wave’ isn’t the virus, it’s a wave of the continued demolition of our lives from the ‘orders’, not laws, from the absolute filth of the ages.

But there is a thing called ‘courage’… and it is our last hope:

Find Your Courage – 15 min for Health – Dr. John Bergman D.C.


Before the upcoming Autumn and the holiday season that won’t be allowed….tonight’s musical offerings are provided to enjoy before it’s banned. And if you think I’m being anything more than an arsehole of doom, re-read the shitposting headlines from above.

Without courage, found deep inside ourselves, the courage we’ve ignored to date, if not acted upon, we are screwed.

King’s College Cambridge – “Bethlehem Down”


Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 Part 1


The Christmas Waltz – Robert Goulet & Carol Lawrence

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash





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