Eye Cheese – The Scamdemic Continues

Oh no, boys and girls – clutch tightly of your skittles and lollipops, for the king of cement-heads is about to lay some new, choice shitf**kery upon us.

All rise for a testimony from the new book of more shitty things for you to follow, casting deeper fear into your heart as you venture out to do your ‘allowed’ daily activities, approved by government dickheads, accomplished behind masks of oxygen depravation that these shysters proclaim you must wear:

Masks Aren’t enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should “Probably Use Eye Shields” to Protect Against COVID-19 – viazerohedge.com

This munchkin is at it again, opening his gollum pie hole to tell the unwashed what to do while he goes on happily sans mask, enjoying a baseball game that you can’t.

Rules for thee but not for me.

Americans can’t seem to handle wearing masks to stop the coronavirus. Now, imagine if the CDC changed its guidelines to also call for “eye protection” like medical goggles to stop the spread of the virus (and protect your neighbor, as well as yourself).

Well, Dr. Fauci is apparently preparing to do just that.

During an interview with ABC News, Dr. Fauci said Wednesday that he may soon advise Americans to wear ‘eye protection’ to avoid being infected by COVID-19 as deaths along the Sun Belt climb to record highs.

“If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” the doctor said, before adding that it’s not universally recommended, “but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can,” he said.

All hail the creature from Middle Earth!

Pop quiz…identify the real creature from Middle Earth?

ashkan-forouzani-Jd-j14F76YU-unsplash (1)


49740500458_1d8bd3b2ed_w (1)

Answer, a combination of the above.

And if you value the life of you and your loved ones, it might be well worth an hour of your time to listen to Dr. Judy Mikovits, interviewed by my favorite, Michael Moore, from TruePundit.com, about the real shitf**kery unleashed upon us all by this demon:

EXCLUSIVE: Hard-Hitting Blistering Raw Interview on Anthony Fauci Uncovers FAR MORE Disturbing Dirt – Top Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposing Disturing Intel – via truepundit.com

The interview starts at about the 6:28 mark in the podcast embedded in the article.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Whipping Post” – The Allman Brothers Band

Front page: Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash




  1. people buying into this are follow fauci or faust to their doom! quite literally costing them their lives! i have had old friends call me to ask what i think….i let them have it with both barrels. at least a few that have not lost their minds are realizing something is wrong! bat shit crazy in fact! not enough in numbers but perhaps numbers are not needed. just a passionate few. i will not go quietly into the night. i will never obey…past time for a resistance!

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