Lather, Rinse & Repeat – The Days of Their Scamdemic

The gods of shitf**kery have heard our sotto voce complaints about how boring life has now become by donning masks of oxygen depravation each day, doing the social isolation distance dance whenever we’re out and about among the other unwashed, and wondering what in the hell did we do to deserve living in this colonoscopy bag of horseshit.

Conglaturations, lolcows, there is a vat of bat and bird guano from the legacies of failure you choose to ignore, as the cement-heads of government and media, pull off more of their bitch-slapping upon you and your loved ones in the days of their scamdemic via their bullshit mandates and orders:

Let’s check in briefly, boys and girls, before the weekend sets in and see how our personal tank bowl is unfolding:

Investigation: COVID Positive Results for People Who Were Never Given Tests? – via

But don’t be bothered….you don’t have to watch the clip above, maybe the following is more to your liking of the schemes these shysters have concocted:

States Have Spent Little of the $150 BILLION COVID Relief Fund – via

State and local governments have spent less than a quarter of the relief funds earmarked to help them fight the coronavirus, a recently released report from the Treasury Department indicates.

Funds from the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund, created by Congress as part of the two-trillion-dollar CARES Act and meant to help defray public health costs, appear largely unused according to the Treasury Department’s inspector general. Some states have used less than 5 percent of the funds earmarked for them, including states like New Jersey and Connecticut, which bore the brunt of early coronavirus cases.

And in the meantime, while the lolcows continue wasting hours on the social media of waste of Facebook, Twitter and Google, arguing about what particular brand of the current shit-show will do us all in, there are true realities these demons have created, that which we choose to ignore:

Just Like With Healthcare, Democrats Offer Half-Hearted Measures to Impending Eviction Crisis

The federal moratorium on evictions expired this week, leaving 12 million renters at risk of losing their homes, and much as they did with healthcare, Democrats are offering little more than token non-solutions.

Whether Democrats or Republicans – these shysters could give a shyte.

The best defense against a raging pandemic that has already claimed over 152,000 American lives is simply to stay home. But even this could soon become impossible for millions, as the United States is facing an impending eviction crisis of “biblical proportions,” according to the Housing Rights Initiative. Earlier this week, the federal moratorium on evictions expired, meaning the nation’s 12 million renters are now at risk of losing their homes. Renters tend to be poorer, many of whom are among the 52 million that have filed for unemployment benefits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of extending the eviction ban, top Democrats, including California Sen. Kamala Harris and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), proposed their own solution to the crisis: new money for a fund to help renters faced with eviction access legal representation. “We must take bold, urgent action to affirm that right and protect the millions of families facing housing instability,” said Pressley, as the bill was introduced yesterday.

How long we will listen to, and obey, these a-holes? Evidently…forever!


Tonight’s musical offering:

(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long – Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)

Photo credit (front page):



  1. This Chicago copy, which is as good as the original, was my favorite song from this album. Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears helped propel me, as a saxophonist, into pursuing music as my career, as did the classics and jazz. But the lyrics to this song still sympathetically-vibrate with me, and especially today, with all of this misery and pain! Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks DB… so very cool to hear your background relating to this song. And indeed, I couldn’t agree more…the lyrics – just beautiful! Leonid & Friends rock! Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

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