Searching For Backbone – The Days of Their Virus

As we wait for the great gig in the sky to manifest itself, and save us (or not) from the insanity we continue to swallow each day from the deranged, from shit-infested souls, from every cement-head holding down a nice paying government job that they haven’t been required to give up for the cornholio, we bend our knees…not to these supreme sub-mediocrities of filth, but to those who still have backbone and who will stand for truth, for love, for sanity…

Silently, maybe only known to you, you made a pledge to the gods to take care of the one you held in your arms, whether it be your mate, your children, your aging parents or any of whom you love.

Time to make good on your pledge.

How to Correct Our Sick Society – Dr. John Bergman


Tonight’s musical offering:

[HD] Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky

Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash


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