Perhaps… A Better Way – The Days of Their Virus

Shitposting is my speciality, and for the most part, I do it rather poorly.

But I always try to provide truth, as much as I can unearth, splattered with f-bombs, a chuckle of a video clip and ending with good and sometimes sublime music at the end of each shitposting.

Tonight, I take a break from whatever lame originality I might think I have and instead, include a link to an outstanding article on the present insanity, written by a gifted writer.  I hope you might take a few moments and read this brilliant piece:

Notorious Fourth: Independence Day in the Land of the Captive, the Home of the Cowed – by Michael Lesher, via

COVID19, that ersatz apocalypse, has never come anywhere close to killing the two million Americans we were solemnly assured might succumb to it a few months ago. But, judging from the state of things on this year’s Independence Day, I’m afraid its propagandists in government and mass media may have actually done worse than that: they may have succeeded in killing America itself. – read more

Tip of the hat to DB, at The New Abnormal for sending this gem along.

So, as I sink into an evening of not writing, I’m happy for understanding what a birthday card given to me a while ago spoke of:

“Happy Birthday – I’ve discovered the fountain of youth – Turns out it tastes a lot like vodka”

And as I sip of the ‘fountain of youth’, I wonder, is there a place where absolute frickin’ shitf**kery isn’t running rampant?


South Dakota is open for business. If you value our way of life, where people love freedom, smaller communities, and lots of wide-open spaces, come to South Dakota. The air is fresh, the people are free, and the possibilities are endless.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Khatia Buniatishvili – Beethoven: Concerto No. 1 in C Major, Op. 15: III. Rondo

Photo by James Donovan on Unsplash


  1. And it will be the folks from South and North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Upper Minnesota and Wisconsin, etc, who will rise up against this government, when it goes full totalitarian! There are some Americans left who won’t put up with this despotic shit. If I were younger, I would be headed for South Dakota!

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  2. excellent article! people just don’t get it…we are living a new 911…this is the latest version of it. Government created terrorist attack on the people and they did it all with NOTHING… with a mind virus…one that exists only in the diseased minds of the state by state dictators. For a virus that exists as a though form only. no basis in fact. people have died…oh yes…murdered by the medical industrial complex with forced ventilation that blows up the lungs like a balloon while the patient is ”sedated” so as to not fight back. the hospitals have killed many just as they always do.

    now they have suspended or wiped out the bill of no rights and the constitution. doesn’t that show people how little power it has? people surrendered their lives, their liberty and their fortunes to the dictatorial powers of their local rulers. war was declared by governments on their citizens and the citizens en masse surrendered to the brutal hands of the local dictators.

    the house arrests, mask wearing, (changed to face covering…new propaganda term) hand washing, toilet paper hoarding, and howling to celebrate the fact they lost the war! They cheer their new enslavement and the conditions given for their surrender. Each state gave them ”the plan” which is the victor of war telling the people they just conquerored what they wish them to do in order to carry on with their lives under a new set of rules and rulers.

    America, the former land of the free, fell without a shot being fired! Its people surrendered easily for nothing but the THOUGHT of a common cold! They surrendered to the ”terrors of the corona” that exist only in their minds. it has no basis in reality. They surrendered because of a illness driven by media propaganists and the fear driven by government overlords. So little did it take to wipe out the ”ideal” of freedom that those who attacked this once great nation.

    Instead of standing on their feet and shouting NO! They gave away their liberty and now they cower in fear, grateful for small bones of freedom thrown at their feet from the dictator that took it without a fight.

    America is dead may it rest in peace. Its former citizens will have no peace under this new regime! They are already talking of hitting the people with a 2nd wave, and 3rd, 4th, ect…never ending just like the 911 Terror attack that took away a huge portion of liberty so to will the ”COMING OF CORONA” be known to take the rest. only it wasn’t corona that did it. the people and their overlords did it to themselves! suicided!

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