‘And Darling…Let’s Dance Together Till Morning’ – The Days of Our Phases

A new week is underway with official government, and not-so-government idiots practicing what they do best: Malfeasance, jaw-dropping stupidity, outright lies, subterfuge, slight of hand, graft, stealing – these are just a sample of the tricks in their bag of donkey-shit they can pull out at a moments notice and have the lolcows in media getting boned or wet about.

The sub-mediocrities of life, somehow securing a cushy job in government to practice their sub-mediocrity, love being in front of the camera, spewing vomit that the lolcows in the media have conned themselves into believing is a fleur-de-lis with fragrance. The lolcows in the media then turn their messages and edicts into smiley faces of shit that the ordinary lolcow must obey, so they say with their plastic smiles.

But then, stupidity cannot be masked 24/7/365,  and sometimes comes through as clear as the brown trout it is.

Check out this mensa-like thinking:

DENVER (KDVR) — Governor Jared Polis updated the state regarding restaurants reopening, ski prohibition expiring and the state’s testing capacity, among several other topics.

The restaurant industry employs over 294,000 Coloradans, which Polis touched upon in his news conference. He offered options to outdoor dining for restaurants to help increase the amount of patrons they can serve.

“We’re suspending all the different state rules that maximize outdoor dining services. And of course encouraging our local government friends to make public spaces available for outside dining,” Polis said.

“Restaurants can expand on their own property outdoors. They can expand on adjacent or non-adjacent private plots as long as they have permission of the land owner and then subject to permission from their local government. They might be opening sidewalks or parking lots or other public areas for dining as well.” – via KDVR.com

Here’s a better idea. Open up everything just as it was before the plandemic and allow those who still want to clutch pearls and stay home because of the virus/flu/cold, to stay home. The rest of the innocents can get back to work to provide shelter and food for them and their loved ones.

This governor clown seems to have sugar plums of delight wafting through the empty caverns of his mind, with waiters and waitresses running food delights from the kitchen chefs to lolcows sitting in adjacent parking lots drooling over luke-warm culinary masterpieces as a thing to stop, curb or flatten the curve of the mighty cornholio.

But then, there are the local government lolcows and then there are the worldwide professional lolcows. These are the choicest of Beelzebub’s bowel droppings:

Another Gates Vaccine Bites the Dust – Sick Monkeys Everywhere! –  by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – via childrenshealthdefense.org

One day after revelations that the Gates/Fauci Moderna vaccine caused severe illnesses in 20% of high-dose recipients, Bill Gates got devastating news about his other “warp-speed” COVAX bet. The Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG) spike-protein vaccine was on an even faster track than Moderna. In May, Melinda Gates predicted it would be jab-ready by years’ end. Oxford and UK officials promised 30 million doses by September.

On April 24, OVG scientists announced that a small macaque study proved the vaccine effective. OVG quickly recruited 510 healthy volunteers for human trialsPre-publication data released on May 13th reveals the vaccine is less promising than the OVG team implied.

All vaccinated macaques sickened after exposure to COVID-19. Edinburgh University’s Eleanor Riley told Forbes the vaccine provided “insufficient” antibodies to prevent infection and viral shedding. Vaccinated monkeys spread the disease as readily as unvaccinated.

The spirit of discontent continues to be embraced by those who listen to dickheadedism. The willful ignorant’s and other lolcows embrace their own tank – total and utter failure.

But bonus coverage tonight in this edition of this latest shitposting, for look, boys and girls, there are more brown trouts coming your way:

CDC admits to giving misleading COVID-19 testing data. Several states have been making the same mistake.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that it is combining viral and antibody tests when reporting its overall testing totals, a decision which scientists say paints an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic in America. via the Blaze.com

There are pockets of sanity left…right?

And more sanity – remember, just a scant couple of months ago, the delight of skin upon skin hadn’t been banned by the demons.

Maybe screw the officials and get back to what we do best…skin upon skin, love with a kiss, hug and hand extended for whatever reason…and offered to any and all who embrace our love.


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