50% Capacity – The Days of Our Phases

Desecration abounds each day in the land of 50% capacity.

Disgruntled and deranged pinheads who somehow managed to secure some type of government job, being ‘gifted’ upon birth with a 50% mental capacity to produce nothing other than shitf**kery, and the other 50% of their mental capacity producing nothing more than toilet swirl, their achievements each day/week/month involve moving the goalposts to keep the unwashed in a state of liquid ambiguity in the days of our phases.

The unwashed continue to inhale the fresh bait of lunacy offered up each day by the government dickheads, nicely tailored, performing voodoo finery, flowering it with imbecilic ‘guidelines’, like the following:

DENVER (KDVR) — Governor Jared Polis issued updates to the Safer at Home Order on Monday which included allowing restaurants to reopen, opening youth camps and private campsites.

Restaurants will be able to open on May 27 for dine-in service at 50 percent capacity of the indoor posted occupancy code limit, not to exceed 50 people.

Outdoor services are encouraged as an option as much possible. Bars will remain closed. Establishments that do not serve food will be evaluated in June.

“Coloradans value our diverse culinary scene and amazing restaurants, and I’m proud that our state is now providing science-based guidelines on how restaurants can open as safely as reasonably possible for their employees and customers,” Polis said.

“Diners will have more space between tables and at many restaurants, more opportunities to eat outside. The safest thing anyone can do is stay home whenever possible, but for those who want to shop and dine we want to make sure it can be done as safely as possible.” – Governor Polis – via kdvr.com

Imagine you run a business…something that few government dickheads can boast of, and then, when the dickheads start their day of finding new ways to lay an egg upon your achievements by throwing a dart at the dartboard of misery, the marker hit says more continued misery for your business.  More agony is on its way…for you, but not these shysters who continue to be fully employed while you and yours are gifted with 50% shitf**kery. If only their jobs could be put on either total annihilation or slapped with or 50% less income, watch how fast things would change.

But the lolcows around the world continue to bend over and happily take another ‘obey’ from their ‘overlords’ up their arses:

Read and weep, or laugh, at what the lolcows continue to bend their knee towards:

New Mexico governor blocks plans to reopen drive-in theater – via washingtontimes.com

LAS VEGAS, N.M. (AP) — Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has blocked the reopening of a popular northern New Mexico drive-in movie theater despite city officials believing they had the OK.

The governor’s office halted a plan on May 14 to reopen the Fort Union Drive-In Movie Theater in Las Vegas, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Las Vegas Optic reports.

“The governor’s office said they would treat the drive-in just like any other movie theater,” Trujillo told the Optic.

That’s right, you plebs…it isn’t enough for each of you to stay 6 feet apart, now your cars have to as well.

And more from the factory of sadness: (via twitter.com)


Baptism by squirt gun????  And Jesus wept!

And then this assortment of derangement: – via (twitter.com)


And more derangement:

‘Conny Corona’ – German restaurant adds mannequins to keep customers company amid restrictions

It’s one thing to have a human ‘dummy’ of your choice across the table from you when we you sit down to dine, but an entirely different kind of insane when we are comfortable with frickin’ mannequins keeping us company.

(hat tip to neverlosetruth for a portion of the clips provided in tonight’s shitposting)

This shitposting writer hasn’t yet figured out what goddamn parallel universe he got himself dumped into. In days from just a scant few decades ago, all I needed was a dime for brotherly assistance.  Now, it’s the kitchen sink of smart f**kery and government dickery that leads me and you to paths of total human degradation.

“Modern Americans behave as if intelligence were some sort of hideous deformity.”
― Frank Zappa

Dr. John Bergman D.C. – Civil Disobedience (15 minutes)


Tonight’s musical offering:

Boz Scaggs – “Loan Me a Dime”

Photo by Hikersbay Hikersbay on Unsplash


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