Hey Mom…come quick! Millionaire celebrities are telling us how to live…again:

Multimillionaire Celebrities Call for End to Capitalism From the Comfort of Their Luxury Mansions – via summitnews.com

Multimillionaire celebrities have signed a petition calling for an end to capitalism from the comfort of their luxury mansions.
The petition, called ‘Please, let’s not go back to normal’, says the COVID-19 pandemic is a “tragedy,” but that the “ongoing ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis.”
This is yet another example of the sheer disdain these celebrities have for ordinary, working aspirational people.
When they talk of ‘ending consumerism’ – they’re not talking about people not watching their movies or buying their music (God forbid), they’re talking about a reduction in everyone else’s living standards while they, the celebrity elite, continue to live like royalty.
While they dance and their giant kitchens and virtue signal about how “we’re all in this together” during the lockdown, people in the real world are losing their businesses and jobs.
They want to create a vertical economy of princes and paupers where no one outside of their bubble is allowed to elevate themselves.
Like the stench of the offending fart, these arseholes keep delivering outhouse fragrances that singe nostril hairs and drive the teetotaler to drink.
And just as the A-list, Hollywood degenerates could give a f**k about you, the unwashed, so too, their counterpart of shitf**kery in the government don’t give give a rats ass about you or your loved ones.
Shocking New Survey – 52% of Small Businesses “Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months” – via actvistpost.com
The good news is that the lockdowns are starting to end, but the bad news is that many small business owners are facing a “new normal” in which their monthly revenues will be down by 30, 40 or 50 percent (or more).  All of a sudden many small businesses that were once barely profitable have been transformed into businesses that are bleeding a lot of cash each month, and many of them simply are not going to make it.
It was always obvious that this pandemic would kill a lot of those businesses, but the true scope of the problem wasn’t apparent until now.  According to Bloomberg, a survey that was just conducted found that 52 percent of U.S. small business owners “expect to be out of business within six months”…
COVID-19 could shutter most American small businesses.
That’s according to a new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management which found that 52% expect to be out of business within six months. The survey of 375 firms was conducted between April 15-21 and doesn’t account for improved business conditions as some U.S. states reopen this month.
Yes, the big corporate giants dominate our society today, but there are still lots and lots of small businesses out there.
Ultimately, we are talking about millions upon millions of businesses that are about to be destroyed
How many lives lost, businesses destroyed, along with our loved ones, now living with us who, before this scam, we’re doing quite nicely on their own, will we put up? How long will we endure not seeing our dying parents in skilled nursing facilities; how much longer will we don masks of shame that prohibit the proper amount of oxygen into our lungs; how long will we believe the absolute horseshit of a media and government that are in lock-step with the destroying all the goodness, love and kindness we had toward our fellow brethren?
But there are whispers of hope….

California pastors vow to defy Gov. Newsom and reopen: ‘Churches are part of the answer not the problem’ – via foxnews.com   “The heart of God supersedes government.”

and this…

We choose to obey the jackals, but how long before each of us and our loved ones are their prey?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Glenn Gould plays Bach – The Goldberg Variations, BMV 998

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash



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