Fruit Guano – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

Living up to being the failures their parents disowned, the pyschopath’s never disappoint with their evil, their shitf**kery and in most cases, their brilliant ineptitude:

Suspicions Raised Over COVID-19 Tests After a Fruit Reportedly Tests Positive for Virus – via

Yes, boys and girls…a piece of fruit tested positive for the cornholio, according to the f**ked-up tests the shysters provide.

Read and weep or laugh…

This week, Reuters reports that COVID-19 test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli. To check the reliability of the tests, according to Reuters, the president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces wage a secret experiment. They had randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.

For those who may not know, the pawpaw is a plant, not an animal. Multiple studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus cannot survive on food or its packaging which means it certainly would not be inside of a fruit.

Nevertheless, the samples from the pawpaw, goat, and sheep were all submitted for testing, knowing there is no way that they could have the virus. When the results came back, the samples for the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for COVID-19, the president said, adding this meant it was likely that some people were being tested positive when in fact they were not infected by the coronavirus, according to Reuters.

“There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation,” Magufuli said, adding the kits should be investigated.

According to Magufuli, the kits were outsourced from another country and he is launching an investigation.

“I have always raised my suspicions about how our national lab has been conducting the Covid-19 cases,” he said.

While this controversy is unfolding in Africa, citizens throughout the world have raised similar concerns, especially when hundreds of people who have already recovered from the virus, test positive, again. This raised concerns that the virus might be capable of “reactivating” or infecting people more than once. But infectious disease experts say that it’s unlikely. Instead, the problem lies in the testing method.

According to, the method used to detect the coronavirus, called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cannot distinguish between genetic material (RNA or DNA) from infectious virus and the “dead” virus fragments that can linger in the body long after a person recovers, Dr. Oh Myoung-don, a Seoul National University Hospital doctor, said, according to The Korea Herald.

Though this explains the problem with positive tests in humans, the alleged positive results from fruit and animals cannot be explained.  –

We can explain it…

But not to worry, there are more brilliant ineptitudes the psychopath’s have buried deep in their arse’s, soon to be dumped upon the innocent’s, ignorant’s and apthetic’s:

US Begins to Implement WHO “Contact Tracing” to Forcibly Remove People From Their Homes – via

Part of that new normal is contact tracing. Hmm, sounds normal enough – or at least harmless – kind of like how the Patriot Act sounds harmless or Operation Iraqi Freedom may have sounded like a good thing to many, despite the fact that it was a war of aggression based on lies which resulted in the death of over a million people… but, hey, it has the word freedom in it.

So what exactly is contact tracing? Well, according to California Governor Newsom…

Contact tracing, combined with expanded testing, is a pillar of the state’s modified stay-at-home order and The goal is to track and trace every person in the state who may have been exposed, then quickly isolate and test them.

So, in other words, the state cannot open up without contact tracing; and only then it would be a modified stay-at-home order, and not actually removing the lockdown in its entirety.

And how are they going to accomplish this? In their own words… “California is building an army of 20k people who will be trained as disease detectives, serving six- to 12-month-long gigs that demand skills ranging from data entry and psychology to project management and crisis intervention.” Saying the state is providing a “customer service,” while others may see this customer service as the new secret police.

California will be the test pilot for this program which they have stated will serve as the template nationwide.

Welcome to COVID1984.

Not ‘allowed’ to see your dentist, your doctor, open your business, work, earn a living for food, with lockdowns from the tyrants extended until July 6th in Oregon, or even more demonic, indefinitely, these pieces of filth in government are the turds we continue to listen to.

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.” ― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics


(and remember, folks, the brilliance and inspiring performances of live music, no matter the genre, is being extinguished by these governmental demons)

Tonight’s musical offering:

Khatia Buniatishvili – Beethoven: Concerto No. 1 in C Major, Op. 15: III. Rondo

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

One comment

  1. why drag people from their homes? leave them alone! if a person is truly sick they heal better in the safety of their own home. …who is to say the 20k domestic military force coming to a town near you are not diseased? The state? oh yes…Master says his people are free of all disease but the rest of the peasants have to be scared juiceless by being arrested (that is what this is folks! an arrest! for the crime of testing positive just like the fruit was tested. ) and removed by force from their homes and their families. placed in a fema center somewhere never to be seen again.

    are folks really going to just meekly go along with that? if so, they deserve what they get! isn’t it time people got off their knees and started shouting out NO! and backing that with their own level of resistance? those 20k little nazi brown shirts try that and many of them won’t be going home again. Just like Stalin’s russia in the great purge. The ones to drag people from their homes are themselves put in the same ditch and buried by the SS higher ups! useful idiots they are called. not everyone will go along with it like sheep. there are a lot of unknown people out there that will not go quietly as they ordered to do. do those little nazi spies think of that?

    That is what happens when people obey everything and anything. when they refuse to stand up and continue to do what they are told. quite literally their lives will depend on their ability to say no and mean it! otherwise, yes. they will be taken from their homes and sacrificed to whatever dark god these monsters in human clothing believe in! Their families will be given a box of wood ash and told their loved one died! Solent Green perhaps! or worse… Nazi style human experiments blending people with machines? Go quietly? I don’t think so!

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