The Tyrants – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

Remember being a little kid, terrified by the school bully who demanded you walk the plank lest they unleash their stench upon you?  Unless you were the bully, you remember.

Well, now you’re an adult and you see that the bully resembles Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and yet –  the U.S. continues to bend the knee toward the warped and depraved meanderings from this soul-less creature, residing in the bowels of Hell when not on camera.

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Fauci Say US Could Return to ‘Real Degree of Normality’ By November Election – via

On the scale of f**kery – there is f**kery, proper f**kery and supreme f**kery.  Guess what stage we’re at from following the bully orders from this pint-size tyrant?

But in the factory of sadness, the innocents and ignorants bend over each morning, get their ass-whipping orders from the mainstream media and local government tyrants and brace themselves for another day of donning cloth masks that conceal half their face and make their voices muffled and undistinguished – and also prohibit oxygen intact.  The gods of shitf**kery laugh.

But there isn’t just one Gollum – the gods of shitf**kery are providing many to the unwashed, issuing orders and off-ass predictions of certain doom, that instruct them to stick their heads in the sand, asses exposed, while they take another insane salvo of multiple punches to the crotch from these demons:

Many in Michigan have accused Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of abusing her power after she implemented a ban on boating, selling nonessential items, and visits to other residences during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democratic governor implemented an expanded executive order banning the sale of nonessential goods, including clothing, gardening seeds, and car seats on Friday. She also outlawed visits to other residences, including visits to a vacation home or a neighbor’s house, because of the coronavirus pandemic. – via (emphasis added)

But not to worry if you’re feeling uncomfortable with abuses from physical specimens from the one of the nine circles of Hell, there are more abuses that await you… from machines:

Social Distancing Enforcement Drones Arrive in the U.S. – via

In late January, a viral video from China showed people who’d wandered outside in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak getting scolded by a disembodied voice from a drone flying overhead. Last month, similar campaigns began in France, where locals flouting travel restrictions were gently reminded to “respectez les distances de sécurité s’il vous plaît.”

Now, self-righteous flying robots have made their way to the U.S., with at least two American police departments deploying drones to tell people to disperse, go home, and stay there.

Last Friday, the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey, where there are more than 1,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19, announced plans to deploy drones to enforce social-distancing rules.

“The most important thing you can do to fight this virus is stay at home,” Mayor Chris Bollwage said last Friday. “Some may notice drones monitoring your neighborhoods. These drones are going to alert people to move away from each other if they are congregating. This is not a joke. It is extremely serious.”

You got that right…it’s not a joke.  These are the antics from the deranged – prepare the hemorrhoid cream.

But the willful ignorants haven’t a care of future hemorrhoids they will develop from taking it up the arse from these tyrants day after day after. They’re clutching their pearls each night and waking the next morning, reaching for their hand-held radiation devices that will give them news to start their morning off right…shitting themselves.

….and Jesus wept!

But take heart – those of you who are awake to these shyster’s pot of shittery – more than you think are calling out the demons for who they are (thank you, Sojourner, for researching and sending along the video link to this 4 minute clip)



Tonight’s musical offering:

“25 or 6 to 4” – Chicago (Leonid & Friends сover)

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