Life Canceled – The ‘Days of Our Virus’ Rolls On

All the psychopath’s are joining in on the festivities of suck. Multiple punches to the crotch are not just the every day, but now nearly every waking hour new forms of anguish are unleashed upon the innocent’s and apathetic’s alike. The gods of f**kery only spare their minions so that they can head out to their armored redoubts, leaving the rest to experience life in a landfill – shyte everywhere.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Seven weeks after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the U.S., the outbreak is now classified as a pandemic and it’s doing widespread damage to critical economic sectors of the global economy. Airlines are cutting capacity, people are working from home, major public events that raise millions of dollars for local communities have been canceled. The NCAA will hold its annual March Madness basketball tournament without fans in stands and CME Group says it will shutter its Chicago trading floor at the close of business Friday.  – via

Parades canceled, events canceled, Trump just announced a 30-day travel ban between the US and Europe, and the NBA has just suspended its season – the crotch punches are coming rapid fire.

Who knows how much of everyday life will be obliterated by all this. Just maybe the crotch punches won’t stop until that magical chemical f**kery poke in the arm is developed and ready for all to roll up their sleeves for…whether you want to or not. (just the opinion of this jaded, old fart.)

But how to keep from beating your heads out behind the shed from listening to the hourly shyte-show?

Deep breathing exercises can always help. You could consider another form of calm – it seems to work in a rather miraculous way here at the Asylum, where the better half, along with the editor-in-chief of this shit-posting, can lay for hours on the couch, mesmerized by watching bakery geniuses, meticulously creating their culinary masterpieces, all without a word spoken. (and here.)  If your other half or mate is the least bit interested in food, where you can see them salivate while they watch food video’s, page through food magazines for hours on end, and you just happen to be quarantined because you sneezed – this is the shyte for them or you. An almost ‘zen’-like state of true enlightenment comes upon them – and they are satisfied in all ways, and you can go about your interests knowing you won’t be called upon to do…anything.

But seeing that we just can’t delete the psychopath’s from all the failures they continue to give humankind, and the great majority, who are apathetic’s, haven’t the necessary backbone to say, f**k off with all your shitf**kery – what more can the innocents do?

God is on holiday and probably has been for some time. How else to explain that a loving god has left us in such a circus of freaks.  But He/She/It – before leaving on holiday,  gave  us ways to keep our temporary bodies as healthy as can be, no matter the excrement the gods of f**kery provide.

If interested, here’s an article on strengthening and maintaining the health of that miraculous immune system we were each gifted with:

A Scientific Look at Botanical Plants and Supplements Against Coronavirus – via

This jag-off writer keeps wondering what in the hell is keeping the Second Coming at bay. Many generations before us have wondered the same thing – the gods have given us no answers.

We are here now, right…. we are here, right?


Tonight’s musical offering:

J. C. Bach – Symphony for Double Orchestra, Op. 18 No. 1 in mi bemolle maggiore- Andante

Photo by Evgeny Dzhumaev on Unsplash


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