Fresh Droppings

When it comes to jive artists and their penchant to barf up rock solid turds for their dead-brained supporters to feast upon, there are the amateurs, the semi-professionals and then the real dicks – the professionals who can pull out ridiculous amounts of bullshit from their arse’s for their adoring fans to gorge themselves with, and not a tinge of embarrassment or shame soils their faces.

Check out these fresh droppings from the lunatic with orange hair:

Trump Suggests He Ordered Soleimani Killed for “Saying Bad Things About Our Country”

Adding more to the ever evolving rationale for the Jan.3 Qassem Soleimani killing which has brought the Middle East to the brink of a new major war, President Trump told Republic donors Friday night that the IRGC Quds force chief was “saying bad things” about the U.S. before his death.

High-dollar donors were gathered for a fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, where Trump offered a play-by-play of sorts surrounding the decision-making behind the admittedly bold and risky move to strike the elite Iranian military leader via drone as he passed through Baghdad’s international airport. Soleimani was “saying bad things about our country” prior to the US taking action, Trump described of his decision.

“How much of this shit do we have to listen to?” Trump was quoted as saying in audio of the event obtained by CNN“How much are we going to listen to?” The president continued, suggesting that Soleimani’s anti-American invectives were ultimately a convincing enough reason to sway Trump toward issuing the final order. via

Crushing the spirits and lives of innocents living in countries the U.S. sanctions for whatever made up fairy tales Washington concocts at any given time isn’t enough. No, screw ’em, f**k ’em, bomb ’em – whatever method gets the job done of ending more lives, and if that isn’t justification enough for murder, well, just ice ’em because they say bad things about a country that shits death and destruction wherever it lands.

The gods watching over this shit-show, for purely entertainment reasons, are surely howling in the heavens, with hearty hand shakes and slaps on the back, taking bets with other gods outside this universe of the insane, that the psychopath’s we’ve elected can and will continue to dive head first into new piles of Gehenna’s sewage to pull out more shitf**kery for innocents to endure.  The gods outside this universe of bile, bet that the psychopath’s couldn’t outf**k their previous efforts.  They bet wrongly.

But don’t worry –  it’s not just innocents abroad who are getting the ream up the arse from Washington or the country’s corporations’ of shame – no, no, no…it’s innocents here that are also on the receiving end of a probing popsicle of f**kery:

Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records – Deals with Microsoft, IBM and Google reveal the power medical providers have in deciding how patients’ sensitive health data is shared.

Hospitals have granted Microsoft Corp., MSFT 0.56% International Business Machines IBM 0.24% Corp. and Inc. AMZN -0.70% the ability to access identifiable patient information under deals to crunch millions of health records, the latest examples of hospitals’ growing influence in the data economy. – via

We’re not sure exactly when Jesus gave up all hope that even a sliver of his message would be remembered among the many deranged here on modern day Babylon… ah, but screw this…the sheeple are fast asleep, and the gods are keeping track of just how deep their apathy goes so that they can be duly awarded when this shit show finally ends.

Instead…how about music from a group of monster talent musicians, from and living in that evil nation that begins with an ‘R’, who do covers of songs from great American bands that the original artists are surely envious of…


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Beginnings” – Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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