Breathe…and Inhale Deeply

You know how it goes.  You’ve been coughing, barely able to breathe, have a raspy voice that is three octaves below your normal pitch, and generally feel like your lungs have been inhaling three packs of cigarettes each day for the past 30 years though you’ve never lit up anything and inhaled…ever.

So, after hanging in there with stiff upper lip for two weeks of suffering, watching, as co-workers avoid you at all costs, family members checking in at the local hotel, your dog locks herself in her kennel, and your mate tells you, in no uncertain terms, that you MUST see…’someone’, even if its your lover you catch up with every other month, you relent and head out to see the local guy/gal in a white lab coat, who surely will know of the malady you’ve contracted.

There you find yourself in the doctors office, wrapped in a thin layer of cotton, with your back-side mostly exposed, legs dangling over the examination table, swaying your feet to and fro, wondering why you elected to have a pedicure where you chose the color of pink for your toes. Bright red, you remind yourself. Always bright red.

After this, that and the other poke, prod – the looking into orifices from the guy/gal in the white lab coat, listening to the weezing in your lungs via stethoscope, they take a step back, and with complete serious, tell you that you’re suffering from acid reflux – and to get yourself to the local rat poison outlet, a/k/a pharmacy and get yourself some of that there acid reflux medicine.


And Jesus wept.

But this is the joy of being treated by mensa folks in white lab coats. And mensa’s they truly are….right?

Study: Medical Errors Top Cause of Death Worldwide – 4 out of 10 Patients Harmed – via

A new report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.6 million people die annually in low-and middle-income countries from medical errors, and that most of those deaths are related to misdiagnosis and administration of pharmaceutical products. According to the WHO:

“Four out of every ten patients are harmed during primary and ambulatory health care. The most detrimental errors are related to diagnosis, prescription and the use of medicines.”

Hmmm, cool if you’re one of the six out of 10 patients where the mensa’s get it right – possibly quite troublesome if you’re one of the four where they f**k it up.

Ah, but it’s just a modern day glitch of white lab coats who are surely overworked, overtasked, unable to correctly diagnose your health issue, probably caused by the waterfall of toxic goo from corporate shit hole offerings…right?

Well, even back in 1949 – guys in white lab coats were recommending (via tobacco company funding) the cigarette they most preferred:

And fast forward to the 60’s, where the same tobacco conglomerates continued to glamorize smoking.

Ah yes, inhale deeply.

The modern era hasn’t advanced.  It’s still the same shit-show from corporate degenerates, counting on your ignorance, as they dump a toxic butt load from their electromagnetic outhouse for you to enjoy – inevitably leading you to sickness and disease…and death.

If any lesson is to be learned here…it should be the clip below. If you catch yourself thinking that white lab coats, limp dicks in finely tailored suits, or political demons advancing their worn-out platitudes that they care about you, and will do, this, that or the other thing, advancing their tried and true of ensuring your life never, ever advances beyond the mediocre – it should be enough to send you to the hills or plains, seeking natural remedies to combat earthly sufferings that God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder, never intended – but left to the demons, is now our reality.

There is nothing . Of interest. For me. Out there. On earth. At all.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Christmas Waltz – Robert Goulet & Carol Lawrence

Photo by Richárd Ecsedi on Unsplash

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