As Thick as Pig Shit…or Talking to a Brick Wall

People are everywhere – unless you are of the hermit variety – you see them when you’re forced, due to the desire to continue to live – to work, to buy groceries, to be out and about on errands, and other tedious tasks.

It is a walk in the park to talk to people if you’re interested in conversing about the weather, how you’re feeling today, talk about clothing, sports, travel, entertainment, relatives, friends, mates and the delight or drudgery of all that – it’s easy to engage.

Piss and moan about work, about being married, or that you aren’t – crack on about the disgusting habits of others, rant on about inconsequential shyte, like your sex life, and you’re liable to get a half-way interested look from whom you dump upon, while they look about the room, check their hand-held radiation devices for mundane texts, or wonder what the weather will be tomorrow.

Now, when it comes to talking about really important shyte – like life and death matters – if you venture down such a path with the person sitting across whatever table or sofa you may share, you are likely to see how the human eye can spin clockwise, while the other eye spins counter-clockwise. Serious shyte does not compute with most of an apathetic soul in the modern era.

The simple thought of asking a loved one to check the insert listing the ingredients in the latest toxic poke in the arm that the government demons admonish every non-thinking soul to be poked with; asking them to just slightly consider that one political party is no different than the other; asking them consider that nearly all is genetically modified everything, and that, God forbid, the electromagnetic goo emitting from their hand-held radiation device just might provide an uncomfortable juicy ending to their lives and those they say they love – don’t expect them to direct a glance up from their hand-held device of total f**kery.

And if you might share something of the following: don’t expect much ‘wakery’ from those asleep…

(Natural News) If you’re wondering why people who live in 5G rollout areas seem to be going insane, it’s not your imagination. 5G radiation causes “neuropsychiatric” effects through a mechanism described as ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, according to research published in Environmental Research.

This results in behavioral changes and even personality changes among those who are routinely exposed, researchers found. In other words, 5G is a weapon system that doubles as a telecommunications infrastructure, but the real impact is to damage human brain function and destroy rationality, reason and civility, especially among those who live in high population cities where 5G towers are becoming ubiquitous. That’s why you may have noticed increased insanity and widespread mental derangement in those areas.

Sharing the blatant insanity from the demons of the era we find ourselves mired in – calling attention to it all, and asking, simply, ‘why are you willingly going down that road without protest’ – well mostly, they could give a shyte.

So, ease your soul, for their hearts and minds are as thick as pig shit – open to nothing other than banging their heads upon the brick wall of insanity and stupidity, provided by clowns, psychopath’s, the delirious, the wanton, the heathens and demons of the era, who are not human, but who will happily entice you to cast your humanity into Gehenna – for their profit.

Triteness or truthfulness offered tonight (take your pick)…you are above their f**kery – and what waits for your soul upon exiting this madness – where you stood for truth, held firm against absolute shittery and stood for the less fortunate, for the uneducated, for the dismayed – you and all those who stood for truth…surely, you will trip upon the eternal truths once you’ve left these earthly confines, holding those whom you loved, firmly in your embrace in the eternal – knowing suffering, anguish, torment and hopelessness, has been permanently left behind.

All the inane, meaningless noises people make that pass for intelligent conversation. They might as well be pigs grunting in the pen.”― Norma Fox Mazer


Tonight’s musical offering:

Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker – Waltz Finale & Apotheosis

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash


  1. “…if you venture down such a path with the person sitting across whatever table or sofa you may share, you are likely to see how the human eye can spin clockwise, while the other eye spins counter-clockwise.” LMAO!

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  2. I have one friend here, who sees these things as you and I do. I am anathema to the rest of my old friends. One even said, when I told him I had slowed down from blogging, “Good! Blogging is not good for you!” His eyes rolled, and his ears closed, every time I tried to speak of these issues, and he is a PhD, a friend I have known since I was 11 years old.

    I hesitate to bring up a bible character, but your post reminds me of how Noah was mocked by those about to be drowned out of existence! What’s that old quote? Something like, “None are so blind than those that will not see”!

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    1. Great stuff there, Sojourner. Indeed, it is much the same with me. If I try to talk about these issues with most of my family…the eyes roll and the ears close, just as you said. So, usually…I just keep talking! (just kidding) The Noah quote sums it up, doesn’t it! Cheers!

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