On Some Strange Day…

On some strange day in the future, when God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this grand experiment, hit the disconnect button in order to save humankind, where all things connected, fizz out and humans are left to do the unimaginable, that being to actually use their tongues and talk to one another, there will be the great gathering where people will find out…a lot!

No more stupid shit to share on hand-held radiation devices…no more reading of vapid offerings on this pathetic website, no more staring at a screen that relentlessly offers the stimuli of bat guano – no, real information will be needed to ward off all sorts of things, like the seasonal flu.

Facebook Censors Trending Vitamin D Story to Protect Flu Vaccines – Using Former CNN reporter – via healthimpactnews.com

The flu season is upon us, and Facebook is working hard to keep information from being shared on their platform educating people how to flight the flu using anything other than flu vaccines.

A 2017 article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola that was republished on Health Impact News started going viral earlier this week:

Study: Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine

Big ass corporations will blessedly no longer be after the great disconnect, and governments will be the quaint, dainty BS that one will shake their head in disbelief that they ever believed in such f**kery.

But until the disconnect switch is flicked, we have outhouses disguised as royalty, telling us how to live. But don’t think for a moment they live like they preach you should:

Prince Harry Insists We End Human ‘Greed, Apathy and Selfishness’ – via breitbart.com

Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, made the long haul flight to Africa last Monday to spread their climate advocacy to a new audience. Baby Archie joined them on the 10-day visit along with a team of 13 assistants including a “social media officer” and a hairdresser for Markle.

After visiting South Africa with his family, he left them there and flew on alone to Botswana, Angola and Malawi, making connecting flights between the various capitals to spread his message.

The past two months have been busy for the Royal pair, with them spotted at one stage taking four private jet flights in just 11 days. On top of those flights, the Duchess of Sussex’s made a last-minute dash to New York to watch her friend Serena Williams play in the U.S. Open tennis final.

For the sake of humanity, pulling the connectivity plug on these shysters does seem to be the humane way to end the hypocrisy and misery they’ve spread to the unclean throughout the world, generation after generation after generation.

But until the heavenly gods quit playing their celestial card games amongst themselves, taking a gander at what rot and filth their creations have become, we have to rely on the knowledge of the “old ones” to show us the way.  You know, those who didn’t have their hand-held radiation devices firmly implanted up their arse, being in tune with what the creators had in mind when they started this shindig:

The Garden is more than just food – Natural Remedies
Doug and Stacy live OFF GRID and grow most of their own food. That food also makes two folk remedies that help get us through the winter. Garlic Honey and Fire cider always do the trick!

“Only the self-sufficient stand alone – most people follow the crowd and imitate.”
― Bruce Lee


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach: Concerto for 3 pianos – BWV 1063 III – Allegro (David Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien)

Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash

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