Dirt is Dirt

The pendulum was swinging in my mind. I was not sure which side it might settle.

I reminded myself that I was listening to an 86 year old woman on the phone, who happens to be my Mum, ranting on about the basic nonsense one encounters each day.

But for her, the basic nonsense of the day had turned serious.

She went to the grocery store with a mindset that she needed to eat more vegetables. Where and why she got this idea – only the gods know.  But determined in her quest, she set out in her 2002 Buick with a scant 40,000 miles on it to purchase vegetables – nothing else, just vegetables.

She had the notion that she wouldn’t purchase vegetables that exceeded $2.00. The reason for this concern about spending more than $2.00 was that she had $2.00 in her purse, along with a twenty – but didn’t want to break the twenty. At some point in the future, that twenty would be broken, but not today, dammit!

Maybe a stem of broccoli, maybe some lettuce, a cucumber, maybe a few carrots – who knows what $2.00 would bring, but she wasn’t going to spend one penny more.

What turned this everyday walk through the grocery store into a descent into Gehenna for dear Mum was that they charged her for organic vegetables, rather than the rot-gut, GMO infested regular vegetables that she selected.

Now, Mum has the money to spend on organic food, but because she heard some nutjob radio show host proclaiming to the non-inquisitive that there is no difference between the regular rot-gut, glyphosate drenched fruits and vegetables of “regular’ food, as compared with organically farmed and produced fruits and vegetables, devoid of chemical f**kery – that solidified her rationale with taking a trip down one of the irate swim lanes in Gehenna to stick it to the grocery store for their mistake.

She forgot to bring her receipt with her going back the first time for some type of refund. Infuriated even more, she went back again, with receipt and rot-gut vegetables in hand to demand small change justice. So, we have 3 trips to the grocery store over chemical laced vegetables, demanding the difference of $4 between garbage and real vegetables.

And Jesus wept.

So, as I was listening to her rant over the phone about this small change injustice, being the respectful son, never uttering a syllable of contrarian verbiage, as uttering such syllables of contrarian verbiage in the past has produced nothing other than ill-will, I cranked the volume up on the Beethoven I was listening to, knowing dear Mum couldn’t hear it through the phone.

Her rant continued.

“Dirt is dirt”, she was nearly screaming into my ear, telling me what a scam (according to what the nutjob radio talk show host proclaimed) the whole organic food thing is.

It’s the little things that drive us to the bottle, or in Mum’s case, to the refund lane at the grocery store to let loose a smack down on grocery clerks that only an 86 year old can deliver.

In the current world of the mad, GMO ‘food’, stewed in chemicals is considered food.

Electromagnetic goo provided by telecommunications conglomerates, approved by governments is marketed as technology that even Beelzebub himself couldn’t live without.

Climate engineering by governments and a-hole billionaires is allowed because, well, it’s just what they do, and never an inkling from the corporate media that they’re doing such things.

Tis better to be dead to the insanity, than actually be aware of it and do what one can to protect one’s self and those whom they love.

And the chemical poke of poisons (read their inserts) that will ward off every imaginable and unimaginable sniffle, ache, sneeze, virus, illness, disease and fart – well, these are the gifts from the insane that all must partake of.  Don’t believe me…just listen to them.

And then the latest bit of choice insanity comes via local newscasters, weather forecasting idiots and sports reporting morons, sending along a 10 second clip before the next commercial, of what life means to them, which is nothing more than lollipops and candy canes falling from the sky.

And Jesus wept yet again.

Dear Mum has it nailed…dirt is dirt…yet not knowing, or caring to know, that the food that was food back in her generation is no longer food today. And that what generations after her no longer know from previous generations, is a mountain of wisdom and knowledge that the modern era cannot tolerate.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Spinning Wheel” – Leonid & Friends – Blood, Sweat & Tears cover

(from a group of unbelievably talented musicians, who are Russians!)

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash

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