Shyte-Faced With Apathy

Riding along on the train of modern society, headed toward the mountain cliff, is an unusual trip. It’s a slow motion video clip of watching your own demise.

If you’re slightly awake, sometimes oblivious, or mostly just shyte-faced with apathy – you probably don’t care about anything outside the outhouse of insanity dumped on your head from the moment you wake until you lay your head on the pillow, climaxing with the spooning of your hand-held radiation device. as you count sheep jumping over moon.

It’s interesting, in a kind of morbid, horror movie sort of way, observing humans disintegrating into pounds of flesh that could give a f**k about themselves, or those they supposedly love.

Each night on this joke of a website, I write mostly of the f**kery of the era. Few care…most probably yawn, and the doggies reading this website probably just lick themselves.

EMF radiation…ho hum! Glyphosate saturation of the food we eat…what’s that? 5G, wifi poisoning of us and our loved ones, pharmaceutical f**kery, corporate media propaganda, government dickheads spewing insanity – dude, get off with it all and get back to watching corporate media whack jobs promoting their latest insanity. It’s better is we all just behave.

And behave we have…thanks to the fluoride in the water we drink:

There have now been over 100 animal studies and 34 human studies showing a link between fluoride exposure and brain damage. Furthermore, in 2012 Harvard University scientists released studies showing that children exposed to higher levels of fluoride had significantly reduced IQs and 12 of these studies reviewed by the scientist showed fluoride levels at the same levels the U.S. government deems “safe”. – via

There is little value given in this f**ked up world beyond what is piped down our throat’s by the lunatics from Gehenna.

Your ability to love, or of your ability to be a friend, is no longer a measurement. Such simple and sweet ways are never proffered as a way to emulate in this day and age.

Submission, obedience and following the herd of cows toward our own demise, and those of our loved ones, is what we’re expected to drink deeply of.

We sit by each day, and watch our loved ones being silently and quietly obliterated by the offerings of the modern era…and busy ourselves with the f**kery of the era of the latest text, the latest social media post, the latest Twitter dump, the next vacation to take, the latest soap opera of all that is inconsequential, failing to understand that it is each of us who are next in line for being absorbed into the hive.

And then, when we pull the cover over our shoulders each night, we get a shot of reality as we close our eyes, wondering why in the hell are we so sick, so distraught, so misaligned and so deranged…wondering why in the hell are our loved ones slowly dying before their time, with each of us not far behind.

Whatever the country, capitalist or socialist, man was everywhere crushed by technology, made a stranger to his own work, imprisoned, forced into stupidity. The evil all arose from the fact that he had increased his needs rather than limited them; . . . As long as fresh needs continued to be created, so new frustrations would come into being. When had the decline begun? The day knowledge was preferred to wisdom and mere usefulness to beauty. . . . Only a moral revolution – not a social or political revolution – only a moral revolution would lead man back to his lost truth. – Simone de Beauvoir


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Beatles – “I Will”

Photo by Goran Vučićević on Unsplash

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