Unremarkable Anxiety

When wondering what this ‘creation’ experiment might result in – God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this shindig probably didn’t envision non-humans infesting its creation with dumb shit things that make life such a miserable pain in the ass.

Now, one can’t really fathom what the creator had in mind when starting this circus, but it probably wasn’t one filled with psychopathic non-humans continually creating things that make the grand list of f**kology of the human race.

Consider what the demon clown Jeff Bezos is up to of late:

Amazon tests Whole Foods payment system that uses hands as ID – via nypost.com

The e-tailing giant’s engineers are quietly testing scanners that can identify an individual human hand as a way to ring up a store purchase, with the goal of rolling them out at its Whole Foods supermarket chain in the coming months, The Post has learned.

Employees at Amazon’s New York offices are serving as guinea pigs for the biometric technology, using it at a handful of vending machines to buy such items as sodas, chips, granola bars and phone chargers, according to sources briefed on the plans.

Oh, bejesus!

Tech is invading every part of the human body, and most demonstrate unremarkable anxiety about it all.  It’s just part of their “growth” as a tentacle of this latrine.

Is there more that makes the the gods list of f**kology of the human race?

Glad you asked.

Amazon’s CEO lizard has produced too many to list, but let’s try this next one on to see if humans can channel their inner barf mechanism:

Amazon fails to test dietary supplements for contaminants, continues to sell THOUSANDS of illegal and dangerous products – 

naturalnews.com(Natural News) A thorough investigation by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has revealed that Jeff Bezos’ Amazon retail empire is currently selling thousands of products on its website that are contaminated, mislabeled, not allowed for sale in the United States, or outright banned from the consumer marketplace.

Again…there is a way out: Quit…Using…Their…Shyte!

The insouciant throughout history, and most especially in the modern era of f**kery have demonstrated the love of the “con”. Just watch any pharmaceutical commercial – you know the ones – with happy faces, active drone/humans, tip-toeing about the globe, sicker than shyte from whatever disease they are suffering from, but able to down pharmaceutical garbage with side effects that will surely keep one close to the commode, but still able to banter about the joys of living sicker than shyte, with butterflies flying about. And Americans keep buying their shyte, getting sicker in the process.

Proper f**kery.

There is real anxiety, and then the unremarkable variety of anxiety.

Real anxiety comes from working two, three or more jobs to put food on the table and roof over head, or dodging the American military industrial complex of bombs that Washington continues to litter about the world.

There is the real anxiety of innocents experienced from a government that turns it back on the real problems of its citizens: homelessness, unaffordable healthcare, and a corptocracy that puts shareholders profits over everything else.

The unremarkable variety of anxiety comes from listening to, and believing the absolute horseshit from these charlatans without a second thought of their poisons offered. Easier to bitch about the travails experienced from these demons, and go on using their potions, rather than make an effort to resist, to quit, to stop buying their extraordinary garbage of f**kery.

“The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” – Mark Twain


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Traveling Wilburys performing “End Of The Line”.

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash


  1. If, and until, humanity wakes up, en masse, and declares “no more”, we will continue to lurch forward, slowly, digging up ground as the bull dozer’s bucket/scoop is stuck in the downward position.

    People are so brainwashed to *need* something. I remember reading about what started women shaving their legs and armpits…because they were TOLD to. The *beauty* industry decided that THEY could provide women with all of the necessary tools to be acceptable in public. The Brazilian wax craze was REALLY stupid. No. I have no desire to look like a five year old down there and, when it grows back, it itches. I kept picturing women in line at Starbucks, scratching their crotches, mindlessly.

    Then, there was the “collect them all” mantra. Now we have shows on TLC making money showcasing hoarders. Boggles a thinking mind…

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