Discredited Entities

8,550 million trillion kilometers away from Earth, something was detected that had never been detected before. It wasn’t the second coming of Christ, or that all politicians en masse decided to trade in their finely tailored suits and instead wear more appropriate attire, say that of a court jester of buffoonery – no – it was something more unbelievable  – a black hole devouring a neutron star was detected – some 8,550 million trillion kilometers away from the mother ship.

As important as that “detection” is, the mother ship has just a few choice nuggets of horseshit down here that don’t take thousands of telescopes to see, where the maggots of f**kery drop their choicest turds upon the masses:

Chinese Social Credit Score Prevents 2.5 Million “Discredited Entities” From Buying Plane Tickets – via infowars.com

The Communist Chinese government is bragging about its social credit system preventing 2.5 million “discredited entities” from purchasing plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high speed train tickets in the month of July alone.

“China restricted 2.56 million discredited entities from purchasing plane tickets, and 90,000 entities from buying high-speed rail tickets in July,” tweeted the Global Times, a Chinese government mouthpiece.

China restricted 2.56 million discredited entities from purchasing plane tickets, and 90,000 entities from buying high-speed rail tickets in July: NDRC #socialcreditpic.twitter.com/4zAwJ7hrBn — Global Times (@globaltimesnews) August 16, 2019

“Discredited Entities”, isn’t that what the jackals are who set up these dystopian surveillance systems?

Everything from bad driving; letting Fido bark too much; criticizing the psychopath’s in government or visiting unauthorized websites, and so much more unapproved behavior can get one’s social credit rating lowered.

But don’t think those in America and the West are deprived of the 24/7/365 surveillance and other assorted shenanigans from the deranged.

The Pentagon is developing plasma tech.  Don’t get overly excited children, for it won’t allow you to download images 8,550 million trillion kilometers away – it has a more “personal” touch in mind:

The Pentagon is advancing work on plasma technology that can deliver intelligible speech to nearby locations, create limitless flashbang deterrents and generate painful non-lethal deterrents that could be fielded to troops in the coming years. via military times

And Jesus wept.

Everything from ‘talking lasers’ that beam messages to our ears, to active denial technology to military balloons that didn’t spy on you, even though their own filings indicate otherwise as first reported by The Guardian – why it’s a brigade of lollipops and candy canes falling from the skies.

“I mean, in a way Idiocracy kind of looks optimistic right now,” Mike Judge, Director of the movie, Idiocracy



Tonight’s musical offering:

Akademie für alte Musik Berlin Georg Kallweit, viool/leiding – G.F. Händel (1685-1759) Water Music, HWV 348-350

Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash


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