Can’t the World Wide Waste Be Uninstalled?

There are moments when life is grand…like, when one turns off the computer, misplaces their hand-held radiation device, takes their TV to the local recycling center after they took a sledge hammer to it, or is found by friendly aliens to take them away from the delirium of the connected modern era.

The joys of the world wide waste would have to be sacrificed.  No more of the minute by minute outrage over inconsequential bullshit deliciously displayed on Twitter. No more tracking everyone’s every move by your loving government or dickhead telecom company, whether it be going to the bathroom, traveling to local merchant for bottle of whatever or a pack of a plant.

No more dipshit drones on TV spewing propaganda. No need for technological f**kery in the form of 5G.

Maybe a re-set to 1940 or thereabouts, in a purely technological way, might be needed.

Radio’s to listen to music or finely written plays; newspapers to read about what some slop of a lost soul did down the street, or what golden rods of vomit a politician uttered.

No more video clips of enraged humans barfing out the hysterical insanity pinging off each side of their heads. No more video clips of Hollywood idiots pretending to be mensa’s of the highest order, taking to the camera’s with their unscripted lines of horseshit.

No more reality TV programs, and thusly, no more of the likes of guys with orange hair “elected” as president.

Neighbors would do the unthinkable…talk to their neighbors.  Long distance correspondence would take on the form of the elegant, hand-written letter.

Schools would regress to a time when children weren’t bombarded with absolute shyte their young minds can’t process, and were allowed to just be children.

The media would also regress to a time when they called out government shittery rather than blindly following whatever insanity of the day they promote.

No more of the head bent at a 45 degree angle looking at radiation device, rather, people would do another unthinkable, and talk with other people, would respectfully share viewpoints, share a drink, share a meal, without it ending in someone’s head being split open.

Less of the ugliness and depravity that humans are sadly capable of, and more promotion of beauty, the tastefulness, the genius in all of us.

A time when food was real food before the evils of Monsanto took hold. A time when medicine wasn’t about the chemical goo injected into you, either by needle or pill, all for the profits of Big Pharma shittery.

We are destroying ourselves and our world around us with 24/7/365 hate.  It’s fueled by a media and whacked out government where these f**ktards want us at each other’s throats, while they continue on their merry way making bank off the hatefulness they promote. We watch the world wide waste – we tune into the insanity presented to us each day via the idiot box, and yet, we are more sick, more disillusioned, more detached, more lonely than any before us.

We can’t look up long enough from that which is poisoning our souls, our hearts and our minds long enough to understand how screwed we choose to be.

There is another way…disengage from the electromagnetic f**kery of the day, Get off Facebook, don’t use Google, consider getting rid of your hand-held radiation device and going back to a “dumb-phone” for emergencies.

Talk to your neighbors, visit your family – do the unthinkable once again, and talk to your spouse, your partner, your main squeeze – engage with your loved ones.  Respect that they just may not necessarily agree with the end-all shit you think life should be…and just let it all be.

Love them, make love with them, shake away your stubbornness – and if they might not respond to the freedom you give them each day to be themselves…what of that…maybe tomorrow they will.

In the meantime, you are still you – full of wonder, of mystery, of giving and of love.

Disengage from the f**kery of the modern era…it may be the only hope we have left. Disengage from the insanity of this all, and connect with…YOU, and all the love, the goodness, the genius that you have to give!


Tonight’s musical offering:

“You Never Give Me Your Money” (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles – Abbey Road

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  1. Actually, the fifties and early sixties would be heaven in comparison to this hell. We had a tv (3 channels) but it was only on in the evenings. And even then, especially during the summer, we kids would gladly give up he boob tube to go outside and play: play meaning to interact, to learn how to communicate with each other, and using our imaginations and creativity to have a great time.

    I have an old flip cell phone, which I rarely use. I keep it for emergencies and short calls to friends. And I have never been on any other social media, beyond my email and blog. And I have never regretted my decision to not take part in this electronic hell.

    Great post, as usual!

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    1. Yep..I too would take the fifties and early sixties. Did the same things you did way back when – outside having a blast with other kids, building go-carts, baseball, swimming pools and such. And I too have never been on social media, and how happy I am that I’m not. Great comment! Cheers!

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    1. I too love handwritten mail. Beautiful cursive script, as your mother’s, is an art form. And I’d forgotten about the word luddite. Sure fits! 🙂 Cheers!


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