Where the F**K are the Dolphins?

Maybe the dolphins will come and save our asses from the calamity of letting shyster’s and psychopath’s ruin us all…but then again, how many of us would give a shyte if they do?

As one who regularly reads the unfolding melodrama of nutjobs, sociopaths, lunatics, demons and a-holes parading their shyte in front of us all, and never, ever being held accountable for their shyte – I’m left to wonder, just how much shyte is enough before the regular folk say, no more of their f**kery?

Supreme sexual degenerates continue to seep out of the woodwork, so few give a shyte, so they continue to get away with their shyte.

Generation Z types forego their privacy so that they can check into music festivals by TSA-style checkpoints at public venues using facial recognition bullshit – but it’s all ok.

Classical music is now on the degenerates hit-list.

Apple wrist band wearers are experiencing wrist pain and rashes and the company could give a shyte.

The degenerates have completely taken over but since we haven’t received a text telling us so…it’s all good.  It’s easier to remain asleep.

The annihilation of us all, slowly and methodically continues. But we can’t look up from our hand-held radiation device long enough to notice the climate and geo-engineering of the weather to give a shyte. (and here)

5G f**kery – who gives a shyte. the poisoning of the food we eat – who gives a shyte. Big Pharma and their hosts of poisons – too f**king lazy to give a shyte.

We might hear a portion of this shyte – we either laugh it off, or just roll our eyes and wonder why in the hell is the Midwest in the U.S. being destroyed with torrential flooding.

Deep in our bones we know we’re being f**ked – but we’ve been programmed not to give a shyte.

If so inclined, check out this brief (15 minutes) video of Doug & Stacy talking about what to do with homestead animals in the Winter – how many of us would have a f**king clue about any of this…how far removed we are from our humanity, and the ways of the rest of the living creatures on this plane, planet, globe

At the corporate slave factory, the best are laid off or fired. Those who can actually manage are let go. C-level management types are nothing more than the high school turds we thought were cool, only to find out they are nothing more than…turds. And yet, we continue to allow these charlatans to “lead” us.

The obituary of Western civilization is clearly laid out. Sadly, most don’t care…because they’ve been propagandized and programmed not to care.

As other empires from times past have failed, we too are at the brink, where taking it up whatever orifice of our choosing is the prime importance of defining who we are, what we are, and what is to become of us all.

Where the f**k are the dolphins?


Tonight’s musical offering

Loggins and Messina – “Peace of Mind”

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@jeremydgreat



  1. well said. very true every word. I don’t see it slowing down. very few even look up enough to care. not even a 1% of the world population. certainly not that here in the usa. Too busy licking ice cream out of walmart freezer and putting it back and making video’s of it. Selfies for the selfish! Young people making selfies of themselves getting hit by a train. walking off cliffs ect.

    They care about themselves and their ”likes” and ”shares” and what is the term? ”tweet”…oh yeah! I can honestly say I have never tweeted. I leave that for the birds! The real ones!

    the youn have thumb problems..and grow horns in the back of their skull but its all good! master says so…so it must be okay…they wouldn’t do it to themselves now would they?? that is the argument i get.

    I love doug and stacy! I watch them a lot and get ideas for my own homestead. I had a prior blog that was taken down because of violations…i talked a lot about vaccines….and its damage…geoengineering and 5g…and was suspended.

    I wrote about our homestead sometimes but the rest of the world and its insanity intruded and i wrote about it instead. It cost me my blog! That’s okay. I let it fall away and picked up the pieces and started a new one! So here I am….

    I am a long winded one huh….no one pays attention anyway who is less then 45 or so….perhaps that is why they want to shorten our lives and that of the rest of people to under 40….once you reach a certain point your awareness or logic or intelligence builds and you can no longer deny reality. you become a threat to those who rule the world. a liability?

    sadly, they are taking down the rest of the world. The water is deliberately polluted. The air, the soil itself is toxic now. It burns plants. That came from the flying fumigators. The animals, birds, insects are dying off faster and faster….we are next! The critters and the dolphins don’t deserve it. It amounts to genocide of all life.

    Thank you for your wonderful post and putting up with me too!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and spot on thoughts. I’m sorry to hear your previous blog was taken down – though, I’m not surprised as we know what happens when one pursues and writes of the truth of the insanity going on. And you have your own homestead…how wonderful! If I were younger and in better health, I would pursue one. And I so agree, doug & stacy are so good…an inspiration, even if this city guy can’t do all they do. Stacy, and her knowledge of herbs, vitamins is amazing. And you’re so right…most under 45 don’t pay attention, and sadly, many of those 45 and older, don’t want to hear anything either. How long this blog will be around before it’s gone…who knows. I admire that you started all over again and I’m very happy to have found your blog, always looking forward to what you post. And though it is tough or a bit demoralizing to continue to “sound the alarm” each day, we forge on, doing what we can. Thank you again for your comments. Cheers to you and yours

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      1. I am glad to be linked to yours….you speak the truth and see clearly! I can’t gather the words right…i love the way you write and how you bring things to the light~ straight to the point~ love it!!

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