Skin upon Skin

The belief in miracles is always present in each of us, no matter what version of how the circus started we may believe in (or not) we still hold out hope that miracles do happen and psychopathic parasites will meet their end sooner, rather than later.

But until then, we have the modern era of shitf**kery coming through with gems of offerings sure to light the internal flame in the loins in each of us below the age of 70 or so, to get it on with internet chums we’ve never met in person by wearing “teledildonic suits”.

Humans wearing ‘teledildonic suits’ can now have SEX with each other over the internet

The next generation of artificially intelligent cybernetic companions will bring about a Westworld-style future where some people will actively choose robotic partners over real humans.

Engineers, experts, scientists and philosophers gathered at the Free University of Brussels this week to discuss how we get from here to there, and how we should deal with those huge, far-reaching changes.

Daily Star Online recaps here the major talking points from the 4th International Conference on Love and Sex With Robots.  – via

Of course, interacting with our brethren in person has become such a frickin’ loathsome chore these days, as years of educational indoctrination at the hands of bureaucratic dickheads have left each generation more stupid and dumb than the previous generation, and thus, only able to interact with the “flesh” via the world wide waste – that trying to find another of the real we can relate to in even the most rudimentary of ways, is nearly an impossible task.

The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.” – H.L. Mencken

And so it continues. The modern electromagnetic goo breaks down the last of the blessedly holy joys of communication –  the joys of pressing the flesh with another we love, or maybe just like – to a frickin’ internet connection with “someone”.

But as the degenerates take everything that is good, is worthy, is tasteful, is of our true flesh, is of what is in our hearts, minds, souls and loins, and pervert it to nothing more than a click, a few moans, and then sopping up the emptiness of what we’ve just experienced with a thumbs up or thumbs down, this elderly writer at the asylum isn’t all that upset that he will exit the matrix soon enough, remembering the joys and bliss of skin upon skin, lips upon lips, thoughts shared, hands held, the true embrace, and the endearing and everlasting feeling of connection to another human that didn’t involve the empty offering of some guy, gal or otherwise whose only connection to life is the hand-held radiation device they spoon with 24/7/365.


Tonight’s musical offering:

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791): Sinfonía nº 41, in D major –  KV 551, “Júpiter” – 3rd movement –SinfonicadeGalicia

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