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No word salad tonight… (thank God, right?)  The video below is an hour or thereabouts in length, and is about the best I’ve yet to watch that tells of what the electromagnetic goo is doing to us all, in such a way that even I can understand!

Is your mobile phone, Wi-fi, Smart meter, or baby monitor safe? Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe highlights the health concerns regarding use of radiofrequency (Group 2b Carcinogen) communication devices in this concise summary. Aimed especially at protecting the health of children, but valuable to all, this presentation highlights the current cautions from independent scientists globally on the issue of unregulated microwave exposure from rapidly escalating use of such devices and cell towers, etc. Unprecedented revenue has blocked appropriate precaution to protect health, and all should watch this informative, factual, easily understandable explanation of the real hazards of electromagnetic technology on living systems, and how to protect health. – SSITAorgUK


Tonight’s musical offering:

Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano concerto No. 1 / Zee Zee / Paavo Järvi / Estonian Festival Orchestra (3rd movement)

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@hostsorter

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