That Which Heals

“The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac

The classical radio station I listen to is in their seasonal drive for donations and memberships.  Funny, I didn’t know there were 6 or more seasons during the year. (just kidding)

The one good thing about their seasonal appeal is that they play the best of classical music.

Usually it’s Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel, Tchaikovsky, and other classical music “bigs” that get the most play. But this season membership drive, I’m noticing that one piece is being played more and more. Just a few years ago, it was never played at all.

Back in my twenties, I had the dream that one day I would be a marvelous symphonic conductor, that is, until I started studying music in a serious manner, finding out just how mediocre my musical talents were upon entering college.  I, somewhat wisely, gave up on that dream of conducting the classical music bigs and concentrated on the more banal and mundane – preparing myself to enter the world of corporate shit f**kery, from where I’ve since retired, with just a portion of my brain still in tack.  But during the intervening years, I’ve dedicated what’s left of my brain to becoming an expert in listening to classical music.

Unexplainably, I hadn’t heard this magical piece of music until about a year ago. Probably another sign that I wasn’t meant for the classical music world stage. Yet judging that this piece is becoming more and more popular, apparently I wasn’t the only music snob who was “in the dark”.

What is this piece?

The whisperings of a voice that you loved once who is now gone, the smile of a loved one whom you haven’t seen for years who is at last with you; the embrace from the dearest of lovers, family or friends; the saddest, the most enchanting – the most mysterious of moments you’ve ever experienced; knowledge found, miracles defined; the scent of your favorite flower, the scent of the one you love, the face of the pet who loves you; the touch of flesh from one who cares, the loving eyes of children in your lives, the awareness of the stunning majesty that the creator bestowed upon us all…and when you listen, you’ll come up with your own explanations of what this piece is.

Why this piece is gaining more and more popularity…I can only offer my silly, half-brain opinion, that being that the world is so starved for honesty, for genuineness, for simplicity, for love – for all that is opposite of what the ugly modern era offers – that somehow its sublime, mysterious beauty attracts those souls who seek the acceptance, the beauty and even healing, as described below. (or in other words, we know in our hearts how deeply we’re being screwed each day, and once recognized, we quickly gather round honesty, love and truth.)


Tonight’s musical offering:

(And, as is in most cases, the simple act of turning the page of music the pianist is playing – the facial expressions of what she is feeling during this masterpiece – full screen on – well, nothing more needs to be said)

Arvo Pärt: “Spiegel im Spiegel” – Leonhard Roczek, Cello –  Herbert Schuch, Piano

“10 years ago my brother’s first grandchild was born. She was not thriving, her body could not get rid of fluids and her breathing was not regulated, it was ragged and on and off. The family was told to not hope. My brother got a recording of this music and told the staff in the infant ICU to play it constantly next to her. Gradually her breathing came to match the steady, slow rhythm of this music and her body began to function normally. He accredited this music. She is now a healthy beautiful girl who loves to dance.” from a comment left on the youtube clip of this performance

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