More Farts in the Wind

As thinking souls drink bleach each time they take a glance at the offerings from the lunatics of the times, the temptation to continue to drink bleach is ever-present with the newest horseshit dump from these lunatics deposited upon us on an almost an hourly basis.

Consider that the “leader of the free world” would actually tweet out the following:

Thinking citizens in the richest country in the world can only conclude that indeed, this man is completely unhinged…not necessarily for displaying his uncanny knack to distribute his stupidity all about, but that he actually tweets out the following three words…”your great president”.  Any thinking soul might have to induce gut-cleansing projectile vomiting to rid one’s self of the parasite from having this seed of insanity implanted in their brains.
And there’s more…

Ah yes…his bluff is nothing more than dishing out his on-going pure f**kery, with his devotees believing in his Gehenna-type shit-show, actually succumbing to some deranged belief that this lizard is any different from all the other lizards that came before him.

More wars, more neglect towards suffering citizens, more apathetic farts for the brain-dead to inhale and actually believe this shyster will deliver on any of the promises from his circus campaign for president.

Now, don’t get all feathered up here…there are the other deranged a-holes on the other side who fantasize about the following:

Furious Celebs Want Trump Impeached, Assaulted and Tortured to Death – via

None of the nutjobs on either side of the political insanity could give a shyte of the homeless, could give shyte about the thousands of families in the Midwest losing all they have due to the nice f**kery from climate engineering of the weather; they don’t care that their brew of f**kery has the pungent slice of their shittery, blown out of their asses where a new law would allow schools to diagnose children as mentally ill; or that these shit-lords want to ensure you and yours are poked with a concoction of pharmaceutical poisons to enrich the coffers of these a-holes corporations, and ending your lives in a nightmare of hellish suffering,

Folks, if these supreme a-holes gave a flying f**k about you, your problems – gave a shyte about life…all life – gave a shyte about the crumbling infrastructure here in the richest country in the world – gave a shyte that regular citizens are going bankrupt from trying to pay for shitty healthcare – why…why don’t they give a drop of effort to alleviate the suffering so, so many that they tell us each day, that they care for?  They don’t…these are the demons from Hell we choose to continue to listen to.

Study the photo below…ask yourselves, are these the lunatics you want to follow into Hell…



“Here are thieves and robbers and tribunals: and they that are called tyrants, who deem that they have after a fashion power over us, because of the miserable body and what appertains to it. Let us show them that they have power over none.”
― Epictetus, The Golden Sayings of Epictetus


Tonight’s musical offering:

Leo Kottke performs “Louise” from the Green House album in 1972 and “My Feet are Smiling”

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One comment

  1. “Study the photo below…ask yourselves, are these the lunatics you want to follow into Hell…”

    No! Nor will I follow them here!

    If one doubts that the fall of the American empire is in process, all they have to do is take a gander at the last few POTUS freaks of nature: Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 (the Cheney admin), Obama, and now this bloviating asshole. As I keep stating, this short lived empire is in its death throes. And all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE!

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