The Finest of Their Shittery

With all the dickheads and psychopath’s “ruling” over us, creating one form of shittery after another for the unclean masses to consume – from purifying the water we drink with fluoride, a toxic waste,  so lovely that toothpaste makers who include this shyte in their product have an actual warning label on the back of the package about swallowing their goo; to the foods we consume being sprayed with the glyphosate herbicide, linked with various forms of cancer; then the ever-present wars Washington sends others sons and daughters to fight and kill innocents, and sometimes die in, and the geo-engineering madness of the weather that governments are all too satisfied with you blaming their f**kery of the planet on “climate change” – it is amazing ordinary folk are still alive.

Of course, such finest of shittery from these psychopath’s is applauded by the corporate media – who exist only because we continue to believe their manipulations and lies.  It’s easier that way. And the easy way is generally the most preferable way to follow.  Less messy and all too convenient to continue to follow the path of f**kery from these pyschopath’s.

63 years old, I can remember when a time when EVERYTHING wasn’t absolute horseshit – when everything wasn’t a toxic milkshake.

But the psychopath’s of the era have created an age of apathy, an era of “I don’t care”, an era of “don’t bother me with the shyte produced by demons that will kill me and those I love way before our time.”  I can’t be bothered with anything outside of the “reality” I choose to believe in…and f-you to anyone who challenges, or gets in the way of the f**kery I believe in.

“Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.” Jimmy Buffett

One perversion from the psychopath’s after another – advance an agenda of ignorance, stupidity and obedience – this is what I most easily accept to believe.


I know the following piece of classical music brilliance WASN’T composed to highlight the f**kery of the era…but I can’t help but to imagine that when the grand comedy is all said and done, the masters of f**kery of the current era, will be stepping along into the pits of Gehenna with the beat of this music, blissfully unaware of what awaits them, smelling their own stench of a life of ignorance that brought on the suffering of so many an innocent, that only the demons that await them understands, with a welcoming embrace.


Aram Khachaturian: Sabre Dance from the Gayane Suite No. 3 / Sir Simon Rattle, conductor

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